Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Economy is still in Trouble; Many Experts still Predict Global Economic Meltdown

Some of the world's leading economists believe things are going to go from really bad to a whole lot worse!

In spite of the optimistic words of President Obama, stock prices keep declining at such an alarming rate that Wall Street, Economists and the Public alike are fearing a total meltdown of the global economy.
Fearing that the economy might dip back into another recession, investors are selling everything... 
Meanwhile, many leading and well known economists are fueling the fire, warning of an impending stock market crash which would result with first an economic then a social Armageddon.

Italy, Spain and Japan are having real problems now too, joining Greece, Portugal and Ireland as bankrupt countries close to civil war and revolution. Its beginning to look like a worldwide Armageddon is becoming more probable than possible each passing day.

When will America Collapse? What the video bellow and listen to the answers from experts like Jim Rogers, Max Wolf, David Walker, Gerald Celente, David Vickers and CNN's Jack Cafferty.

The end is coming, that much is clear, we cannot prevent it, we can only hope to stall it as long and best we can. Nobody can predict the day, the month, not even the year, but time is running out.

Since we cannot prevent the economic collapse or the chaos that will follow, we must prepare for it. And considering we don't know the year, month, week or day the shit will hit the fan, I strongly suggest we (you) start preparing now. Don't start procrastinating, finding excuses and keep putting it off. This mess could start a lot sooner than we think. In fact, doesn't something usually when we expect something the least?

The better your financial situation is right now, the better you can prepare for the coming storm. But no matter what your resources are, you had better get on it before it's too late!

Unless you are a skilled survivalist as well as an economic genius, I recommend the advice from the investment experts at Weiss Research, Sean Brodrick,ho has been featured on many financial talk shows, including CNBC Squawk Box, Fox Business, CNN, The Glenn Beck Program, Your World with Neil Cavuto and Bloomberg Market Line. He is a contributing columnist to and a frequent commentator on one of Canada's premiere financial websites,

Brodrick has written, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis, the ultimate guide to preparing for and profiting during a disaster of any kind. With this book, author Brodrick teaches you the simple things you can do that will help you prepare and profit in this changing economic landscape. He discusses how you should position yourself financially in order to survive—and possibly thrive—during a regular economic downturn, a full-blown recession, or an economic collapse. He addresses how to protect your health—and that of your family—as well as your home from uncontrollable events. He offers practical advice for storing food and water, buying survival gear, and becoming more self-sufficient. He even details different transportation options, should traditional means fail, and offers practical advice on evacuating an area should things become unstable.

I can also with a clear conscience recommend, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse and Going Galt: Surviving Economic Armageddon, as well as How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain TimesHealth, Mind & Body Books) when things really go crazy.

Now, you can either believe that this is going to happen and start preparing, or you can deny the signs of the times and hope for the best. I just hope you don't put the lives of those who depend on you at risk because you're an optimist!

You may also want to read my article from yesterday, Friday, August 8, 2011, Fears of a Total Stock Market Crash triggers Fears of Worldwide Economic Armageddon.

Do you believe that a financial meltdown and social chaos is coming? Let me and my Conspiracy Watch readers know what you think by leaving a comment, bellow. 

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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