Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are We Headed for Possible Economic Collapse, Depression, Anarchy, even Civil War?

The Death of the Dollar and the End of America as we know it is more probable with each passing day! 

What would America and the World look like if suddenly the Stock Market Crashed, the Dollar Collapsed and Money would become totally and completely Worthless? 

I am going to paint a picture for you, of what your world may look like should the once unthinkable become reality.

The Beginning of the End

Actually, the beginning of the End has already begun. But for arguments sake, let us draw a picture of how things could go from bad to terribly bad really quick.

Obama and his Administration's officials don't seem too worried by the dollar's slide. We live in a world where those in political and economic power need not worry about the concerns of average Americans like you or I. They don't have to worry about how to protect, feed, clothes or house their loved ones. Even if the SHTF, they would undoubtedly have food to eat and a place to stay, away from the big cities, their food shortages, riots and violence.

Rather that painstakingly trying to describe this to you in black on white, why not just watch this short color video which makes my point crystal clear.

If you watched the above video, you might have an idea of what would happen next. Panic, Martial Law, anarchy, civil war, war, perhaps even world war.  

The End could Come Suddenly and without Warning

In the article, Historian warns of sudden collapse of American ‘empire’ by Brent Gardner Smith, Harvard professor and author, Niall Ferguson, opened the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival with a stark warning about the increasing prospect of the American “empire” suddenly collapsing due to the country’s rising debt level, put it like this:
“I think this is a problem that is going to go live really soon,” Ferguson said. “In that sense, I mean within the next two years. Because the whole thing, fiscally and other ways, is very near the edge of chaos. And we’ve seen already in Greece what happens when the bond market loses faith in your fiscal policy.”
Ferguson also said that empires such as the former Soviet Union, the Roman empire and now the United States of America can collapse quite quickly, and the tipping point is often when the cost of servicing an empire’s debt is larger than the cost of its defense budget.

The scenario when the dollar decline takes on a life of its own could happen suddenly and without warning. Selling promotes more selling. The world's central bankers and finance ministers try to intervene to prop up the currency, but speculators, having tasted victory, aren't scared off. Paul R. Krugman, a Princeton University economist once called this the Wile E. Coyote scenario, after the Road Runner cartoons character who runs off a cliff but doesn't start to fall until he looks down only to see that there's nothing under his feet.

Speculation that the dollar is headed for a tumble can become self-fulfilling if traders rush for the exit. Ashraf Laidi, chief foreign exchange strategist at CMC Markets, a London currency and commodity brokerage, says "right now there is around a 30% to 40% chance we are going to see the dollar falling toward a crisis point."

Hyperinflation Could Emerge Quickly

Currency traders don't put much stock in the statements of support for a strong dollar by Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and other Administration officials. They note that Treasury chiefs dating back to the Clinton Administration have said they support a strong dollar, yet the U.S. has not supported its currency through purchases since 1995.

If the dollar did tumble, import prices might rise faster than most economists now expect. New research by Columbia University economists Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson shows that the "pass-through" from a cheap currency to high import prices was underestimated because of poor data. In other words, inflation could emerge more quickly than is commonly believed. It would be disastrous for the economy if the Federal Reserve had to jack up interest rates to cool inflation or defend the currency while growth remained weak. A lower dollar makes Americans poorer by cutting the purchasing power of their currency. And there's no guarantee it would bolster U.S. industry, says David Malpass, president of New York research firm Encima Global. Malpass says the fall of the dollar in the late 1980s hurt rather than helped Detroit by giving Japan the buying power to strengthen its automakers. Says Mallpass: "We can make ourselves poor enough that we can't import very much and we'll have balanced trade. But how would that be good for the U.S.?"

When the Dollar Dies

If the government goes bankrupt, you'll have an extremely angry, confused, and frustrated populace that has little faith in its leaders, combined with a horrific economy and a reduced ability of the government to keep order. Under those circumstances, widespread rioting and violent crime seem entirely plausible.

I would surely expect that all things imported, particularly oil would be hard, if not impossible to get. Since modern society is totally dependent on oil for both manufacturing and transportation, nothing would get produced or shipped, bringing everything to a standstill. This could lead to shortages of food, clothing, building material and other supplies. 

When Argentina had its crisis, violence went up 142% and "young men began looting supermarkets."

Zimbabwe hit hyperinflation from too much printing, and became a third world country with riots, civil outbreaks, kidnapping of children, malnutrition and starvation. 

Think of Germany in WW2 when their currency collapsed. The impact on their standard of living should paint a decent picture if the dollar does collapse... sorry, when it will collapse.  Here is some of what happened during the German hyperinflation of the currency in Weimar Republic after it started printing money nonstop, around the clock:
The flight from currency that had begun with the buying of diamonds, gold, country houses, and antiques now extended to minor and almost useless items -- bric-a-brac, soap, hairpins. The law-abiding country crumbled into petty thievery. Copper pipes and brass armatures weren't safe. Gasoline was siphoned from cars. People bought things they didn't need and used them to barter -- a pair of shoes for a shirt, some crockery for coffee. Berlin had a "witches' Sabbath" atmosphere. Prostitutes of both sexes roamed the streets. Cocaine was the fashionable drug.
Many Americans won't have Food, Clothing or Shelter

After the economy has collapsed, people will turn to the Government for handouts, but there won't be enough to feed or house everybody, resulting in such a degree of rioting and violence that most likely even Martial Law won't be able to control the masses, resulting in a collapse of federal, state and most local governments. 

Many vigilante militia groups attempting to fill the vacuum left by the collapse of institutional government will end up fighting each other for power. It is possible that some government officials such as an occasional mayor or marshal of smaller towns where everybody knows each other will survive, but mostly the only laws will be those enforced by one or more rivaling militia groups.

As food becomes even more scarce, people will be scrambling to survive, and a lot of folks are going to end up starving and freezing to death. Others will die at the hands of roaming criminals or even neighbors trying to survive themselves.

Many people will turn to friends and family for unity, security and social interaction, it becomming increasingly dangerous to trust anyone else. Many will turn to religious groups for comfort from the despair that will have become everyday life.  

Will You Survive?

If you plan to survive for long in a nightmare economic situation, you are probably going to need lots of food, warm clothing, blankets and cold weather clothes. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you will need to be sure to store up some rain gear. If you think you may have to survive outdoors in an emergency situation, make sure that you and your family have something warm to put on your heads. 

The death of the dollar will affect everyone differently based upon what actions they took to prepare. Did they educate themselves about money vs. tradeable goods? Did they stock up on supplies knowing the rest of the world will take a while to catch up in their understanding and supplies will be interrupted?

Not only should you stock up on water, food, fuel and clothing, but you should stock the items needed to replenish these supplies, such as water purification tablets, seeds so that you can grow your own food, and that which is needed to build a windmill, for example, to generate power.

You will need to defend yourself and your loved ones, so you start building an arsenal, including plenty of ammunition. as this will not only become important for hunting and defense, but will become an excellent trading commodity possibly worth more than gold.

There is a lot you should and could know about surviving an economic meltdown, but I don't have the time or space to begin to cover them here, so I recommend the book, Primitive Living, Self-Sufficiency, and Survival Skills, which includes dozens of skills and techniques that anyone can learn to meet the needs of clothing, shelter, fire, and water. It is a must read if you are serious about surviving the coming storm, however I have taken the liberty to suggest a couple of more excellent books bellow. These are all books linked directly to, so you could help yourself with a good book at the best possible price, while helping me make a modest commission so that I might survive as well.

No one knows for sure whether the dollar is headed for disaster. But many believe the dollar is on it's last leg. People can sense it. I can feel it. Assuming the best could be your demise.

Don't let this happen to you. Fewer than one in a hundred understand what's happening, and even fewer know what to do about it. You owe it to yourself to be one of those who do.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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