Below I have showcased some of the most urgent, hard-hitting, even life changing videos available on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites. I realize that these are MY picks, but then I do have over 10 years in the field and I did own and manage the Conspiracy Watch Facebook page which had over 4 million likes at one time (and which Facebook took down because something we posted violated their "community standards"), as well as the website which once had over 500,000 visits in one night (which GoDaddy took down for no good reason). 

I'm not a great administrator, but I do know the issues when it comes to conspiracies and/or survival, so I feel I do have the experience qualifying me as an expert in the field. Though I tried to pick only the best one or two from each category, like "New World Order", "Illuminati", etc., some of these categories ran into each other. I also tried to include videos pertaining to current events that have been ignored (or suppressed) by corporate media, so you probably won't see much of on CNN, MSNBC, BBC or Fox News.

Here's what I came up with. Enjoy, don't freak out, take the issues seriously, but think critically... and remember to question everything.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

Warnings by Anonymous (Hacker Group)

I posted these first, since I believe the Hacker Group Anonymous to be credible, genuine and sincere in trying to inform the public, as well as fight tyranny, globalism and injustice. And because if hackers, who can hack into government websites (like the FBI) banking websites (numerous major banks around the world) don't know what's going on, who would?

The first video, below, we can assume an authentic Anonymous video, for although a YouTube video,  it was posted on the official Anonymous website, at, HERE

Economic Collapse

Martial Law & FEMA Prison Camps

New World Order; Illuminati 

World War III (WW3)


Planet X


The Resistance