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Obama: Cool, Charismatic and Likable, but the most Corrupt and Power-Hungry President in U.S. History

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
- Lord Acton

When Obama first appeared on the national stage, I liked him. He was cool, likeable and a good speaker. However, just like I would any candidate running for major political office, I investigated him extensively. Even when my research turned up a troubling background, I still gave Obama the benefit of the doubt.

However, after ever more troubling info turned up about our President, I found myself obligated to share my findings about our President's involvement with members of the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order, by writing the article, The Corruption of Barack Obama, an unbiased and comprehensive report about Barack Obama. 

When ever more disturbing info turned up about Barack Obama, I found myself obligated to share my findings about our President's involvement with members of the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order, by writing a few articles, the most damning and comprehensive of which was The Corruption of Barack Obama, which I published over a year ago, Sunday, January 1, 2012.

Still I gave Barack Obama a chance to do the right thing, also realizing that there really were no better alternatives. There are no real options for President Obama at this stage of the game. If Obama were impeached, Biden would become President!

Obviously, most people are now aware of the Bengazi, IRS and NSA scandals. Many may believe the President when he says "he knows nothing", but if that were the only suspicious incidents he may have been involved in, I might even give him the benefit of the doubt. I'll give everybody a fair chance to prove themselves. But then I came across some damaging evidence about our President that made me wonder how this man could stoop so low. How he could even be walking around free, much less be the President of the United States? Are Americans really that blind?

These findings prompting me to launch yet another investigation into the life of Barack Obama. 

Obama's Lying  
Barbara Walters during her painfully fawning interview with Barack and Michelle Obama last Dec. 23, asked Obama “Mr. President, on what occasion do you lie?”

“Usually, the only time I lie,” responded Obama, “is very personal interactions with family members..."

Welcome to The Matrix – where the elite media specialize in creating virtual reality scenes like this one, which are so pleasant and seem so real … except that they bear virtually no resemblance to reality.

Barack Obama, the man whose entire presidency has been a seamless fabric of deception and duplicity, tells Barbara Walters and the American people that the only time he lies is to protect a family member?

The correct answer to Walters’ question is obvious. When does Obama lie? Every single time he speaks to the American people.

The level of corporate media dishonesty in covering Barack Obama is unbelievable.

It is no longer the question if the Obama Administration has influence over the networks, but merely how much influence the Obama Administration has influence over the networks.

But let us now again focus our attention on the man who will undoubtedly go down in history as the most dishonest person ever to occupy the White House.

Obama is a Narcissist and Sociopath 

Obama delayed the fifth game of the 2008 World Series, so he could broadcast a 30-minute infomercial for his campaign. He threw out the first pitch at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2009. He did a 10-minute interview with Katie Couric during the 2010 Super Bowl broadcast. In both 2009 and 2010, he did interviews with ESPN to tell the world about his NCAA tournament brackets. In 2010, Obama showed up on "American Idol." As commander-in-chief, he's hit "The View," "The Tonight Show," "The Late Show" and "Jersey Shore." OK, he hasn't hit "Jersey Shore" ... yet.

Obama doesn't just crash other parties -- he spends hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to throw parties of his own. Not that Obama cares; as he put it, "This is a pretty big house so we get lonely. It's hard for me to move around out there sometimes, so I got to bring the world to me."

But Obama's desperate need for attention is clearly a psychological condition. He drinks in applause like a washed-up movie star. It is usual for neglected children to develop narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), typically characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, a strong sense of entitlement, preoccupations with utopian fantasies, elitism, manipulative tendencies and pathological need for praise.

The narcissistic personality is defined by characteristics such as an inflated sense of one’s importance, unrealistic fantasies of power and success, the need for constant approval and acceptance, and difficulty handling criticism from others. Narcissism is different from healthy self-esteem; people who simply have strong self-esteem can realistically evaluate their shortcomings as well as their strengths. Such people are not likely to describe their impact upon the world in messianic terms, as Obama did during the 2008 campaign when he prophesied that his election would be remembered by future generations as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

Obama's excessive self-regard was shown in his speech at the funeral for the late Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, where President Obama mentioned himself approximately 63 times. Watch "Obama's Speech at the Funeral Service for Senator Daniel Ken Inouye", here:

Obama is an elitist through and through, disdaining ordinary Americans as "bitter [people who] cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them." He is manipulative in the extreme, seeing every crisis as an opportunity to magnify his personal power.

Most dangerous, he requires a constant stream of paeans to his persona. He resembles a once-abused puppy; he doesn't care who pets him, so long as he receives the petting.

Pulitzer prize-winning columnist George Will, pointed out recently in the Washington Post: “Barack Obama’s intellectual sociopathy – his often breezy and sometimes loutish indifference to truth – should no longer startle.”

“Sociopaths are often well-liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.”

Remind you of anyone?

Obama's Solyndra Scandal 

When talking about Obama corruption, it doesn't get any more embarrassing than Solyndra. Solyndra, once the Obama administration's massive "green energy" initiative, has become the poster child for the corruption occurring when the government interferes in the private sector. Thanks to an Obama administration's stimulus loan guarantee, 1,100 workers were left without jobs, while American taxpayers were left holding the bag for $535 million dollars when Solyndra filed for bankruptcy in September 2011.

Regardless of the Obama administration's reserve to release details of the scandal, a lot is known about the scam. Even though White House officials warned the president of the dangerously short due diligence of the Department of Energy's loan guarantee program, Obama officials rushed the Solyndra loan through the approval process to make a splash with the scheduled press. As it turns out, a major Obama campaign donor named George Kaiser was the company's main financial backer who discussed the loan with White House officials against regulation.

The White House tried to cover this up, demonstrating the political nature of the Obama administration's activities, while the Energy Department pressured Solyndra to delay the layoffs  announcement until after the 2010 elections. Despite public outcry at this scandalous waste of public tax dollars, President Obama continues to defend the scam, refusing to fire or even blame anyone over the Solyndra swindle.

But the Solyndra con was just one of the many con-jobs President Obama continues to pull off. Digging ever deeper into our Presidents dealings, I find ever more damning evidence of fraud and swindle committed by Barack Obama. 

Lets take a closer look at some of the actions of our President, his appointees and associates and how they undermine the rule of law and constitutional government:

ACORN Obama caricature joke
Despite a funding ban that Obama himself signed into law, his administration continued to fund the crooked, obsolete and non-operational organization, ACORN. Still, a $79,819 grant to AHCOA (Affordable Housing Centers of America) which is nothing more than the new name for ACORN, was uncovered by Judicial Watch in July 2011. ACORN which has a long history of corrupt activity only changed its name to AHCOA so it could continue its crooked business dealings. Judicial Watch has since confirmed that the Obama administration has funneled $730,000 to the ACORN network, in violation of the funding ban.

Check out the free 28 page PDF report, "The Rebranding of ACORN," which shows how the ACORN network is alive and well under the AHCOA name. You can download it as a pdf file, here.

Continuing with my investigation of Barack Obama, it is evident that our President believes it is his "right" to ignore the Constitution when appointing Czars. Politico states, "President Barack Obama is planning to ignore language in the 2011 spending package that would ban several top White House advisory posts." 

Obama responded that this ban on "czars" would undermine "the President's ability to exercise his constitutional responsibilities and take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Indeed, President Obama refused to eliminate several "czars" who were cut in the fiscal 2011 spending bill, calling the provision a violation of the separation of powers. This implies that Barack Obama believes he must ignore the Constitution to protect the Constitution!

So Obama administration czars have not been subject to confirmation by the Senate as required by the Constitution. Last count, Obama had 45 czars in his regime, accountable to nobody but him.

Check out this free, 42 page Judicial Watch Special Report called, "President Obama's Czars," detailing Obama's Czar Scandal. You can download it as a PDF file, here.

Thanks again to Judicial Watch, a federal court ruled on August 17, 2011 that Secret Service White House visitor logs are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. The Obama administration will now have to release all records of all visitors to the White House. Yet the White House continues to fight full disclosure, stalling the release of records by appealing the lower court decision. What visitors or dealings does our President not want us to know about? What is he trying to hide?

The National Labor Relations Board sought to prevent Seattle-based Boeing from opening a $750 million dollar non-union assembly line in South Carolina, to manufacture its Dreamliner plane in 2011. Obama bypassed Congress and appointing his buddy, Craig Becker, who is connected to the AFL-CIO, SEIU and NRLB.

This lawsuit was politically motivated according to uncovered documents showing NLRB staff cheerleading for Big Labor, mouthing Marxist, anti-American slursattacking members of Congress and showing contempt for congressional relations to the agency's lawsuit against Boeing.

Obama Chicago roots

Obama's corrupt, scandalous ways go back all the way to his Chicago roots. Fortunately for America, Obama's real estate partner, campaign fundraiser and Obama pork receiver Antoin "Tony" Rezko was finally sentenced to jail this year along with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who is to serve 14 years for  trying to sell Obama's former Senate seat to the highest bidder.
Barack Obama as President of the Harvard Law Review
Then there is the alleged relationship between Barack Obama and dangerous militants, particularly the infamous extremist, Derrick Bell. Although Bell was a respected academic and an influential figure in the Civil Rights movement, there are those who would label him a dangerous frothing radical and racial instigator.

BuzzFeed published an article with the title, At Harvard, Obama Dived Into Diversity Fight, that includes a video which was not previously available online, showing a speech made by Barack Obama in 1991, at a campus protest organized to demand tenure for minority and female law professors. 

As President of the Harvard Law Review, it was perhaps Barack Obama's most intense politics of the late 80s and early 90s, as  he aligned himself with Professor Derrick Bell's dramatic protest for diversity on the faculty of Harvard Law School.

Bell was a pioneer of "critical race theory," which controversially focus on issues of race and power into legal scholarship. He protested Harvard's denial of tenure to a black woman professor, Regina Austin, telling Harvard he would "strike" by taking a take a leave of absence "until a woman of color is offered and accepted a tenured position on this faculty," launching a hunger strike to drive home his point.

There is still a lot of dirt to be uncovered about our President, with many believing there is more to Barck Obama than meets the eye. It is just a matter of time before the rest of America sees him for what he is: a lying cheating, scandalous crook.

Obama makes "Ten Most (Corrupt) Wanted" list 

To top it all off, President Obama has made Judicial Watch's "Ten Most Wanted" list... again. In fact, the former Illinois Senator has made Judicial Watch's "Ten Most Wanted" list for a fifth consecutive year!

The Judicial Watch's "Ten Most Wanted" list, which is widely distributed in the press, puts the spotlight on some of DC's most immoral politicians who undercut the rule of law and abused the public trust. The list is a powerful tool to educate Americans about the bipartisan problem of corruption, fraud and lies in Washington,l as well as Judicial Watch's critical work in holding these crooked politicians accountable.

Judicial Watch also gave Obama a "failing grade" on transparency. You can watch the archived webcast, White House Transparency, Visitor Logs and Lobbyists, here.

If you want to learn the truth about Barack Obama, I suggest you watch the Obama Conspiracy video bellow, following up with any one of the other 5 videos on the Conspiracy Watch video tab, starting with the Obama Deception, then make up your own mind as to what you want to believe. 

Unfortunately for me (and probably you), my investigation and the findings of Judicial Watch have soured me to politics. My trust and respect for politicians has been shattered perhaps beyond repair. I will never look at politicians the same way again. The only politician I still trust and respect is Ron Paul.

Unfortunately for America, I am not alone disgusted with US politicians. I would not at all be surprised if sometime soon a total non-politician gets elected President. Preferably, someone with no prior dealings with any politics whatsoever, period. Maybe a businessman, preferably a small business owner.

This article is meant as a call to action. Maybe its time we put a small business owner, doctor or professor into office. If you are ready to fight for America, I strongly suggest you sign-up for the Free Conspiracy Watch Newsletter to get more free ebook offers and important updates.

What do you think, America? Should we fire everyone in Washington and start over?

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies
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