Monday, April 2, 2012

President Obama Busted Reading the Radical Anti-American Book about a Post US World

Obama reading The Post-American World

Obama is Photographed Reading the Book many call a Radical Muslim view of a Defeated America. 

Recently Obama was photographed carrying a book called: The Post-American World, written by Fareed Zakaria, born in India, to a Konkani Muslim family.

Many Americans automatically assumed this book to be an apocalyptic prophecy, believing "post" America to mean the world after America. In fact, the book has been dubbed "A Radical Muslim view of a Defeated America" by many ignorant right wingers, who have manged to popularize this slur into the mainstream.

I am no fan of Obama. By all means, I have written several harsh, criticizing articles about our current President such as, The Corruption of President Barack Obama is Criminal and Grounds for Impeachment, Obama and The New World Order and the 10 Top Obama Conspiracy Videos, even vowing to maintain an ongoing investigation of him until the day I die. However, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that when I first came across the picture of Obama flaunting The Post-American World book, I immediately and unprofessionally thought much like the ignorant right wingers I described above, believing our President was actually reading "A Radical Muslim view of a Defeated America."  

But why would Obama read something that anti-American? I believe him to be a lying, cheating, scandalous, incompetent, self-promoting, self-centered, egotistical, power-hungry camera-hound in cahoots with the New World Order elitists, but I don't believe him to be a terrorist or traitor (at least not purposely).

So before investigating Obama in this case, I decided to investigate the book and its author, Fareed Zakaria.

The Post-American World is actually not so much about the fall of America as it is about the “rise of the rest” and the growth of countries like China, India, Brazil, and others. Since its publication, the trends he identified have proceeded faster than anyone could have anticipated. The 2008 financial crisis turned the world upside down, stalling the United States and other advanced economies while emerging markets have surged ahead, coupling their economic growth with pride, nationalism, and a determination to shape their own future. The tallest buildings, biggest dams, largest-selling movies, and most advanced cell phones are all being built outside the United States. This economic growth is producing political confidence, national pride, and potentially international problems.

How should the United States understand and thrive in this rapidly changing international climate? What does it mean to live in a truly global era? The book peaked at #2 on The New York Times non-fiction hardcover best-seller list and at #47 on the USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books list.

Considering that Zakaria directed a research project on American foreign policy at Harvard, was managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, editor of Newsweek International, a contributing editor and columnist for Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and others, as well as author of From Wealth to Power: The Unusual Origins of America's World Role (Princeton, 1998), The Future of Freedom (Norton, 2003), co-edited The American Encounter: The United States and the Making of the Modern World (Basic Books) and has appeared on The Daily Show, Charlie Rose, The NewsHour and BBC World News, we can safely assume he knows his politics.

As a naturalized US citizen living in New York, Zakaria appeared to be an model citizen and patriotic American, being awarded the Hubert H. Humphrey First Amendment Freedoms Prize from the Anti-Defamation League ("ADL") in 2005 and held in high esteem by major political players in Washington and around the world.

However, in July 2010 Zakaria returned the Hubert H. Humphrey award in protest to the ADL expressing its opposition to the Park51 Islamic cultural center and mosque, which had been planned for a site two blocks from the World Trade Center. Zakaria said, as with a slap in the face of the Americans who died on 9-11, he could not "in good conscience" keep the Hubert H. Humphrey  Prize anymore. 

Although even while acknowledging that he is not a religious person, he supported his decision by stating that the larger issue in the controversy is freedom of religion in America. He wrote that a "moderate, mainstream version of Islam" is essential to winning the war on terror. 

Zakaria had won my admiration and support until he supported the Park51 Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site! I am all for religious freedom and for doing whatever it takes to end the war on terror, but building an Islamic cultural center two blocks from the World Trade Center site is disrespectful to all those who died on 9-11! It is a slap in the face of the survivors and loved ones of those who died at the hands of these terrorists.

Once again, I am questioning Obama's motives, allegiance, faith and friends. I am reminded of his association with the infamous extremist, Derrick Bell! I remember his involvement with Solyndra and ACORN and that he has made Judicial Watch's "Ten Most Wanted" list... again, for a fifth consecutive year!

As far as America goes, I strongly believe we need a new President. Someone like Ron Paul. Or Donald Trump. Or Micky Mouse. Anybody but Obama.

Obama reading The Post-American World may not have been the smoking gun I was looking for, but it still serves as a good reminder that we need a President who cares about the people, not a self-promoting, self-centered, egotistical, power-hungry camera-hound like Obama.

Never before have there been so many pictures of a President. Hell, recently his face even appeared shamelessly on an American flag! Its not like cameras were just invented, its that Obama wants his face everywhere.

Well, this is one American who is tired of looking at it!

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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