Saturday, August 20, 2016

Archer Shoots Arrows Faster, more Accurate than Most can Shoot a Gun

Lars Anderson is the Fastest Archer in the World, even than the fictional Legolas, from Lord of the Rings Trillogy

This is an article about the incredible Lars Anderson, who can shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds. This is faster and more accurate than most people are with a gun.

This also makes him the fastest archer in the world, much faster than even the legendary fictional archer Legolas (played by Orlando Bloom in the Lord of the Rings movies).

His video, "Lars Andersen: a new level of archery", which has been hugely popular with over 38,682,039 views on YouTube, debunks several Hollywood myths and shows off not only impressive feats like grabbing and arrow in mid-air and firing it back, but also the ultimate archery trick; but you'll have to watch the video to find out. You can watch it, below:

To silence his critics, Lars made a statement and recorded a question-answer session. About some of the trick shots he said; "...there's no trick in the video that I haven't done many times (except for splitting the arrow in flight – after I'd done that once I finished the video). The one with hitting the blade I've only done three times, though. All that running hurt my knees. ;-)".

And though Lars uses home-modified, 1 inch extra-wide gap nocks to speed up his rate of fire, it doesn't automatically make him such a fast and accurate shot.

I am no stranger to archery and how difficult it is to hit a still target, much less one that's moving... and while moving yourself.

I challenge anybody to come even close to his speed and accuracy, using nocks modified to whatever width they prefer.

Lars also holds multiple arrows between his fingers so he does
not have to reach down to his quiver after every shot.

He probably has other tricks to speed up his game, but that's what this is all about.

You use every advantage that you can.

In 2012, Las Andersen released his video, "Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery", where he showed how he had learned to shoot from old archery manuscripts. Using these old, forgotten techniques, Lars demonstrated how he was now the fastest archer on the planet, and after its release, the video got 3 million hits on YouTube in two days. You can watch it, below:

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By Tom Retterbush


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