Friday, June 17, 2016

Orlando Witness Accounts Suggest Multiple Shooters & False Flag

Night Club only has one rear exit & lack of High definition security cameras suggests pre-planning.

There could be a lot more to this story than first anticipated, considering Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old American-born Muslim of Afghan descent officially implicated as the Orlando killer, may not have been acting alone. 

The killer was overheard on his cell phone possibly talking to one of his four accomplices, an eyewitness who had been playing dead for hours in order to stay alive allegedly said that he overheard the shooter mentioned being the “fourth shooter”. The eyewitness recalls the terrorist talking about “three others,” “snipers,” as well as a ‘female suicide bomber’ that was also playing dead.

An audio clip obtained from the Pulse nightclub shooting reveals that two or more guns were being fired simultaneously, supporting evidence released earlier-on by Intellihub News that there were multiple shooters involved.

Multiple Suspects On The Loose In Orlando - Why The Media Blackout Of Eyewitness Accounts? headlined the popular economic and current events site Zero Hedge, which the New York Times described as "a well-read and controversial financial blog."

One of the first eyewitnesses interviewed by the press, Luis Burbano, was inside the Pulse nightclub when the shooting started. Burbano, just so happens to be an actor (see his listing on IMDb, the world’s most popular source for movie, TV and celebrity content), is best known for his roles in The Sacred (2009), B.F.F (2011) and Less Lost (2012) . He appeared on the Fox News show hosted by Megyn Kelly, “The Kelly File,” to give his testimony to what happened during the shooting. He should be charged with complicity. Watch this arrogant asshole tell his unbelievable story in the video, below:

With 50 people injured during the attack, many of the survivors/eyewitnesses are just now able to tell their stories. I have included one below, but there are dozens on YouTube, here.

Just as it was with the San Bernardino false flag attack, the initial eyewitnesses reports about "three white men running from the crime scene" seemed to disappear, the official story of the Orlando massacre is starting to look more and more like a government operation. 

Just like San Bernardino, Sandy Hook and every mass shooting in between was a false flag attack according to CIA insider, I tend to believe that this was no exception. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the attack on the Pulse gay club wasn't real. I'm sure those guys were murdered alright, but who really killed them? If a government can kill thousands of its own citizens by orchestrating 9-11, they wouldn't hesitate to kill a few people in a nightclub.

As of today, both physical evidence and eyewitness reports leave numerous unanswered questions and inconsistencies. For example:  

There is the fact that Mateen was employed by G4S, the world’s largest private security company and had been issued a weapons permit. Mateen worked with the controversial company since 2007. G4S provides security personnel for the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection at the US-Mexico border, and helps transport undocumented immigrants from urban areas.

There is the question of possible FBI involvement or prior knowledge of the attack. The Bureau, knowing its under suspicion, is now reportedly re-examining its investigations of Omar Mateen, who the agency had under surveillance in 2013 then investigated him again in 2014., clearing him (or making a deal with him?) both times.

Personally, I don't believe the FBI had him under surveillance so much as they were training and collaborating with him. There could even be other federal agencies involved, including the CIA which is really not supposed to be operating within the US, but which has its tentacles in almost everything illegal or immoral internationally as well as domestically. The Feds undoubtedly had planned on making Mateen the patsy from the very beginning.

There is the report by an eyewitness that the Orlando Shooter Was A Regular At Gay Club Before Attack, In fact, other evidence suggests that he may have had more than just ties to Orlando's gay community. I believe he may have been gay or bi-sexual, and as a Muslim could not come to terms with his sexual orientation. This could explain why Mateen was willing to die killing those he blamed for his inner turmoil.

Then there is the fact that the shooter or shooters, spared several black men, letting them leave before proceeding to massacre whites and Hispanics.

Though it's been reported that both FBI and police are increasing their security protocols around the country, dispatching undercover officers and specifically beefing up security measures at the annual Gay Pride Parade currently underway in Los Angeles, considering the lack of oversight when it comes to the CIA, FBI, ATF, DHS and other federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies, they could just as well be gearing up to orchestrate their next atrocity. After all, the FBI is responsible for more terrorism inside the US than any other organization... while the CIA holds that title for terrorism outside of our borders. Both should be dismantled.  

But what clinched the False Flag theory for me more than anything, was Obama's too-quick response in using the bloodbath to promote his gun control and Internet censorship agendas. Even before all of the families of the victims could be released, Obama was trying to persuade America that this happened because the Internet promotes radical extremism and because guns are too easy to get.  

By Tom Retterbush


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