Friday, October 21, 2011

Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement just the Beginning of a Worldwide Social Uprising?

Occupy Wall Street is the biggest movement since the 60's

Occupy Wall Street is the most universal movement since the anti-war movement of the 1960's. It is no longer a wall Street, New York or even an American movement, considering you will find the protests in most major cities around the world. 

If you would do an Occupy Wall Street Google search right now, you would get over 39,000,000 search results. If you were to do  an Occupy Wall Street YouTube search today, you would get over 37,000 search results just for videos alone. There are literally millions of newspapers, radio and television shows, websites, blogs, blog-casts, podcasts and videos talking about the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

There are those who believe that the Movement will fail do to the lack of a unified message, though I am convinced that they are wrong, in that they do have a unified message; that message being that the masses are pissed!

The movement has its own official Occupy Wall Street Journal newspaper, with the headline, "The Revolution Begins at Home." It has its own OccupyWallStreet website, with the slogan, "the only solution is World Revolution." The website includes a live video stream, a live chatroom, a public forum, and of course a world map of where the protests are being held. The movement has an OccupyWallSt. Facebook Page with 259,305 likes and 135,699 talking about it, an  @OccupyWallSt Twitter account with 86,967 Followers and a r/occupywallstreet Reddit account which just passed 10,000 subscribers. Even has a page dedicated to the movement: 
#occupywallstreet is a people powered movement for democracy that began in America on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. Inspired by the Egyptian Tahrir Square uprising and the Spanish acampadas, we vow to end the monied corruption of our democracy … join us! We're now in DAY 35. 

This is the same video the official OccupyWallStreet website has posted on its homepage.

To get a sense of the overall mood surrounding the Occupy Wall Street Movement for yourself, as well as keep up with the happenings of the Movement, you just need to follow the Twitter #OccupyWallStreet hashtag:
@theinnercircle Oct 20, 1:19pm
What is up with America? #OccupyWallStreet
@BrettJ33 Oct 20, 1:19pm
Stop Foriegn Aid, help America!#OccupyWallStreet #JobsBill
@2NewEarthRising Oct 20, 1:19pm
Worker rights, end poverty, freedom & ecology movements are same: ensure liveable Earth with decent lives for all workers #OccupyWallStreet 
This is but a small sample of the continuous stream of tweets with the #OccupyWallStreet hashtag.  
Most of the above is just talking about the Occupy Wall Street Movement going on in the United States. It doesn't cover the countless Occupy protests happening all over the world.  

I wrestled with myself, whether I should use civil or social uprising in the title of this article. By definition, Wikipedia has a civil uprising listed as civil disorder, meaning civil unrest or civil strife. It is a broad term that is typically used by law enforcement to describe one or more forms of disturbance caused by a group of people. It is typically a symptom of, and a form of protest against, major socio-political problems; the severity of the action coincides with public expression(s) of displeasure. Examples of civil disorder include illegal parades; sit-ins, riots or sabotage. It is usually well intended as a demonstration to the public and the government, but can escalate into chaos.

Wikipedia has a social uprising listed as a rebellion. It may, therefore, be seen as encompassing a range of behaviors aimed at destroying or replacing an established authority such as a government or a head of state. On the one hand the forms of behavior can include non-violent methods such as civil disobedience, civil resistance and nonviolent resistance. As you can see, both titles fit. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is both a civil and a social uprising. And it is one that is gaining momentum.

The ruling elite, known as The New World Order to some people, will not admit publicly that they are scared, maintaining that the protesters are troublemakers without a clear unified message, they are just trying to throw us off. They know the unified message. And they are scared. That's why they will oppose and fight Occupy Wall Street with everything they've got. That message is clearly, "we are pissed and we aren't going to take 'IT' any longer." This could get ugly. Very ugly!

Imagine the world's most wealthy, powerful people with their backs against the wall. Imagine these wealthy, powerful people of the New World Order, with all they have at their disposal, from money to police to armies, with everything to loose. They control everything, including our laws, food, fuel and medical supplies. These  wealthy, powerful heads of the NWO will not back down, much less give up without a fight. Still, maybe these  wealthy, powerful people should remember history. Maybe they should remember the French Revolution, for example.

The Revolution from June 1793 to July 1794 in France became known as the Reign of Terror. The upheaval following the overthrow of the monarchy, invasion by foreign monarchist powers and the Revolt in the Vendée combined to throw the nation into chaos and the government into frenzied paranoia.

Remember the guillotine. And though this may seem far fetched to you right now, the guillotine is not the only way to cut the heads off of the New World Order.

Do you think the Occupy Wall Street Movement succeed? Do you agree with the methods of the protesters? Do you feel as though you are one of the 99%?

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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