Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Best Conspiracy Videos

If you do a YouTube search of conspiracy videos, you will get over 3,900,000 results, while a Google search lists over 270,000,000 results. I know you don't have time to watch that many videos, so I have narrowed things down, having come up with the 10 Top Conspiracy Videos to date.

1. The Obama Deception (HQ Full length version)

2. Fall of the Republic (HQ full length version)

3. DebunkThis! (Full length version)

4. The Day the Dollar Died 

5. New World Order Government Conspiracy

6. 2013 Illuminati Explained - Explains the Conspiracy (Documented Evidence) 

7. Jesse Ventura: Corporate media, Censorship and American Conspiracies

8. New World Order Swine Flu Conspiracy, Antichrist 2012 Illuminati Fema Coffins & Concentration Camps

9. Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full (


10. Government Conspiracies - World of Lies - Award Winning Documentary

For the first time in history, a President of the United States has been the overwhelming number one topic of conspiracy theorists. President Obama was the main character in 4 of the voted 10 top conspiracy videos!

Please vote for your favorite conspiracy video by commenting, bellow. You may have a hard time choosing your favorite, because they are all very well made, very entertaining and very scary!

Just pick one and comment!