Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are we Headed for a Violent Race War?

We have a much bigger fight to fight my friends, but we are being fooled by a sideshow designed to distract and divide us, the people.

Immediately after the verdict in the case of Trayvon Martin was announced, people took to their social networks to express either outrage with the decision.

Trayvon Martin supporters on Twitter have taken their anger over the acquittal of George Zimmerman to a new level, calling for the neighborhood watch volunteer to be beheaded, Pundit Press said Tuesday.

“[J]ustice no peace so get up off my street behead zimmerman (sic),” one person said.
“Behead Zimmerman, put that sh*t in a box and send it to his mother,” VeSun tweeted.


“Behead Zimmerman & make it ya new avi so I know it’s real,” demanded ”yeenfreshazimiz.” “Can we just behead Zimmerman in the national mall?? He’s clearly not guilty of doing ANYthing morally correct,” said ”TRA”

“Kill Zimmerman and anybody who supports him… And decapitate his lawyer,” said ”Tyrell McLean.”

“George Zimmerman’s brother should get chipped first behead the dude and send it priority mail to Zimmerman’s front door step,” suggested ”Chris Gonzo.”

A post at Fire Andrea Mitchell dated May 18, 2012 said Twitter has allowed an account named@BeheadZimmerman to exist. That account remains on Twitter, but has not been active since June 2012.

Since the case made national news last year, Twitter users — dubbed the “Twitter lynch mob” by Twitchy – have repeatedly called for Zimmerman’s murder.

Since Saturday’s acquittal, the “Twitter lynch mob” has targeted Zimmerman, his wife, attorney and the jurors on the case with death threats that clearly violate Twitter’s rules.

“You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others,” Twitter says, although the site appears to be quite lax in enforcing those rules against users who have issued threats against Zimmerman.

People forget that, contrary to predominant leftist opinion, the Trayvon Martin case had little to do with race, and it was ultimately decided on its legal merits. Yet, the lie is constantly fed and continues to grow. It seems clear enough that the media, the powers-that-be and the willfully ignorant all have one thing in common. They want a race war. Keeping America divided along racial and political lines prevents us from coming together and directing our rage toward the real culprits behind the true injustices in our society. 

Personally, I don't believe Zimmerman to be a racist, but regardless if he is or isn't, this trial should have never had anything to do with race whatsoever. Zimmerman is not white, he is a Latino with black heritage, black foster siblings, dated a black woman in high school, had a black business partner, voted for Obama, and even went to jail sticking up for a black homeless man being beat up by police. Yet somehow the focus of this trial has swirled around race, rather then the facts of the case.

Whatever you choose to believe about the case, whether he was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin or whether you believe he was actually attacked, this all boils down to one relatively minor incident in the overall scheme of things in this country. 

This is not to belittle the suffering of Travon’s family and friends, or even the hardships of those in the Zimmerman camp, but really, at the end of the day, this is one of thousands upon thousands of incidents that happen in this country every day. There is nothing particularly outstanding about this case, which is why the race-card has been pulled, to make it out to be much more than it ever really was.

Nevertheless, there is outrage over the incident and the acquittal, as misplaced as it really is. The country has hardly ever been more divided. But I ask you, where is the rage when it comes to the real issues? The issues that set precedent for us all? Where is the outrage against clear, unequivocal miscarriages of justices and government abuse of we the people? We the people, of all color and political ideals. We the the overwhelming majority.

Where is the outrage over the fact that Federal authorities stormed a whole town, and ripped American citizens out of their own homes at gunpoint, house to house, like the Gestapo, without a warrant? Personally, I think this is certainly more deserving of rioting in the streets.

Where is the outrage over the fact that Federal authorities  are spying on us without warrants or even probable cause? Where is the outrage over the not federal Federal Reserve, printing money instead of doing what is necessary to save this country from certain economic collapse?  Where is the outrage over a President who disrespects and disregards the Constitution, bypasses Congress with Executive Orders whenever he feels like it and orders drone missiles to kill people living in countries that are supposed to be our friends. And these are just a few of the many real reasons we have to be pissed off and protest about. 

King Samir Shabazz
Those who want to divide us have been doing a good job, now having The New Black Panther Party engaged in violent, racist, hate filled speech.

“You want freedom? You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies!” Those were the words of Minister King Samir Shabazz, also known as Maurice Heath, the New Black Panther Party’s Philadelphia leader.

Shabazz is the same man the Obama administration Department of Justice refused to prosecute after he was filmed on Election Day 2008 with Jerry Jackson wearing paramilitary uniforms, carrying a nightstick and blocking a doorway to a polling location to intimidate voters.

Although the original Black Panther Party, called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, was a controversial civil rights and self-defense organization active within the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, members of the original Black Panther Party do not recognize the new party," which was formed in Dallas in 1989. 

Further investigation by Conspiracy Watch into the New Black Panther Party (see my article, New Black Panther Party Instigating Race War of Hate, Violence and Death to White Devils) has revealed some troubling information. Apparently some high ranking Washington officials, including  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates all have long standing close associations with dubious figures in the black underground movement of the original Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, the Weathermen, the Nation of Islam, the Black Muslims, even Hezbollah and Hamas.
These associations first came to the surface during my research for the article, The Corruption of President Barack Obama, where I first reported to you the relationship between Barack Obama and dangerous militants, particularly the infamous extremist, Derrick Bell. It was during this investigation that I also looked into the background of Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Professor Gates and Eldridge Cleaver, as well as others involved in the left wing’s Dark Side, including Malik Shabazz, H. Rap Brown, Abdul Alim Musa, Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Carlos Torres, and Marilyn Buck.
Obama with New Black Panthers
The Dark Side gets even darker, when we uncover that Torres and Buck were just released from federal prison, when the Obama appointed Attorney General Eric Holder quietly set in motion a policy to free terrorists, with that insuring the release of Marilyn Buck.

Buck had been a member of the Weathermen, an Americanradical left organization characterized by Black separatist rhetoric, along with Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and had participated in homegrown terror during the 1960s and 70s. She had also maintained membership in the Black Liberation Army and the Black Panthers. She had been serving an 80-year sentence, and her full sentence would have kept her incarcerated until Jan. 31, 2061. What reasons could the DOJ have had to release Buck from prison?

It is believed by some, that Buck’s affiliation with friends of Barack Obama gave Holder the incentive for early release.

Obama’s longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright printed a Hamas manifesto in Trinity United Church of Christ’s Sunday bulletin, showing that there are those running our country who are sympathetic to Islamic jihad.

A new investigation by Congressman Peter King, R-NY revealed New Black Panther ties to the Middle East terrorist group Hezbollah. King, who has been investigating Hezbollah's activities within the US as part of a probe into domestic terrorism, is the House Committee Chairman on Homeland Security. As if to confirm King’s claims, a researcher who works with retired General Paul Vallely, issued a separate report exposing significant collaboration between Hezbollah and the New Black Panthers. 

Most, if not all of The New Black Panthers are Muslims, and most are ex-cons. 

Directing their Hate at the Wrong People

No matter how hard I try, I cannot understand why The New Black Panthers have such hate for America and white people.

As a white man, I have long been saying, many black and Hispanic people are just as, if not more racist than whites. Many of these violent, hate-filled, racist people of color blame on white people what they should be blaming on rich people.

As a so-called Caucasian man born and raised in small-town Germany where there were no black or Hispanic people, I was not raised racist because I didn’t know anyone but those of my own race. I couldn't hate anybody but "my own kind". Growing up, to me people were people.

When I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, a city in the United States with a very high black population, I was very naive to racism, but I soon found out that many black people hated me.

They seemed to blame me for slavery that happened to them hundreds of years ago. They seemed to blame me for the economic conditions of America, the unjust laws of the courts and the ignorance of their children.

In fact, there have been many situations where I was discriminated against as a white man. Or should I call myself a German-American? If I had, maybe I would not have been discriminated against by black or Hispanic people for being white in their neighborhood or establishment and several times where I was discriminated against by white people, because affirmative action demanded someone of different ethnicity get the position or treatment. Yes, average white people get treated unfairly because of their color all the time. In fact, I bet just as often as blacks and Hispanics!  

I did not enslave anybody. I did keep anybody poor, send anybody to jail or keep anybody from paying attention in school. I am living in a tiny apartment, just as poor as the black folks of the ghetto. I was railroaded and sent to prison for a small amount of marijuana. I dropped out of high school. The cops have beat me up just as they would a black man, and would just as soon shoot me.

I am in no better or worse shape than the average black or Hispanic man.

I ask the folks of color to stop hating those who are not responsible for their troubles. There are many white folks in the same boat as you. Blame those who really are responsible for the unfair conditions in America; primarily the rich bankers and corporations in cahoots with corrupt politicians. Blame the members of the Illuminati, trying to bring us into a New World Order. Sure, some of them are white, some are Jewish, but none have anything in common with regular white folks the New Black Panther's are wanting to kill.

Although Bill Cosby tells CNN Trayvon Martin: His death more about guns than race, I don’t think this started as a race thing. The New Black Panther Party has turned it into a race thing, using it as an excuse to spread their message of hate.

They declare war on capitalism, but are quick to take donations, failing to realize that this makes them capitalists themselves. If so down on capitalism, why did the original Black Panthers embezzle millions of dollars in California education funds? It seems they believe money only to be bad when it belongs to someone else.

They blame the white man for all their troubles, either failing to realize or not caring that there are hundreds or thousands of white people in the exact same boat as they are.

RiPPa, the creator, publisher, and editor-in-chief of TheIntersection of Madness & Reality writes, “the New Black Panther Party are a ridiculous ragtag bunch who has nothing substantive to offer the black community or society at large.”

You go, RiPPa!

What this debacle has shown me, is that we Americans have become so lazy and content with our little lives, that even things that piss us off won't get us off the couch. Indeed, we have been down this exact road before and nothing has changed. Back in the 60's there were race-riots similar to those of today. Then again after the Rodney King incident. Yet all that rioting, all those broken store-front windows, all those burned out cars didn't change anything.

Those responsible still rule. Those who instigated these riots through media manipulation are sitting back watching the violence in TV while counting their billions.

Before anything can change, the people must recognize the real enemy.

Written By: Tom Retterbush