Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Did Obama Administration pass NDAA and Executive Order fearing Riots & Revolution?

US Government is Afraid of being Overthrown like the mighty Soviet Union was 20 years ago, or being turned upside down like the Arab world right now. 

Obama and Washington Lawmakers are scared that public discontent could eventually lead to an uprising like the ones they recently witnessed in North Africa, ending with those governments being ousted. 

With America, Europe, the Middle East and the world being being more unstable than perhaps ever before in history, due in part to the complexities of globalism, chaos could break out anywhere at the drop of a hat.

Even in America, a country largely spared by large-scale civil unrest in recent years seems at the tipping point with a fragile economy still not out of danger from a possible second recession, maybe even a depression, with oil prices soaring and war with Iran looming, Americans are seeing their comfy, cozy lifestyles threatened. With good jobs being harder to find and educations seeming ever more pointless, we may soon be seeing more riots, civil unrest and social violence than from just the Occupy Movement.  

The elitists running our government are scared. Though they weren't there, they haven't forgotten the French Revolution, much less the guillotine. In the US, elitists used to have the American population pacified and under control. As owners of mainstream media, their disinformation via television, radio, newspaper and magazine campaigns had Americans believing whatever they wanted them to believe.

Now, with a large percentage of the public getting at least some of their information from alternative news media and independent Bloggers, Americans are finally getting more of the truth.

Before the Internet, people were semi-isolated with their morals, values, ideals, views and opinions, where as now, in the age of social media, people are networking every aspect of their very lives.

Unlike before the Web and social social sites and smart phones, anybody can now easily find like-minded people with similar agenda in their hometown and on the other side of the world. It has become relatively easy for anyone to find, even organize others, thus being able to collectively fight what troubles them.

This newly found social might was demonstrated not long ago, when social media was used in North Africa to call for revolutions that toppled more than one corrupt, oppressive government.

People Everywhere around the World are fighting back against Government Control and Censorship

Though it took Anonymous and the Occupy Movement to unknowingly demonstrate this new social phenomenon, where it was used to enlist the support of several major websites and rally millions of people to convince Washington to shelve both the SOPA and PIPA censorship bills, that people finally realized the political power they have at their disposal. 

This new political might had not escaped the elitists, who terrified of loosing control over the population, are scrambling to find new ways to repress the Internet. On top of their standard, ongoing terrorism excuse to stifle our rights, one of their newest schemes uses Internet piracy as an excuse to censor societies new means of communication, the source of the public's newly acquired power.

People are beginning to wake up. Average people from the "99%" are now beginning to recognize their own power to make a difference and potential to promote change.

Online activists and Occupy protestors which prompting the U.S. House of Representatives to Kill the SOPA and PIPA Internet Censorship bills are now working relentlessly to reverse the new NDAA bill, which includes an extremely radical and very dangerous amendment that could end American freedom, liberty and justice as we know it.

Although the online protests about both censorship bills were surprisingly large, ranging from calling Representatives, companies, and senators to get them to change their mind, and actively moving domain's away from and targeting the business model of the companies that supported the bills, Occupy and other protesters were out in force to fight for freedom personally and physically.

With action against the NDAA by tens of thousands of social media activists all across America, including the influential and popular hactivist group Anonymous, with dozens of Washington's own politicians speaking out against the bill, while reports come in about state and local governments refusing to obey the NDAA, when it concerns locking up American citizens, it would seem as though we may actually succeed in getting the NDAA revered, repealed or revised. Yet don't let this temporary success fool you, as I guarantee you, Washington is already plotting their next move.

Indeed, this may actually have the adverse affect of scaring Washington into believing they need to get ready to defend themselves against an uprising! Our leaders may feel as if they're loosing control. Something like Gaddafi must of felt like right before he was ousted.

In America, this type of statewide defiance last took place when Lincoln ordered the southern states to free their slaves.

Washington will undoubtedly take another stab at censoring the Internet, considering they will probably see the the Web, alternative news, independent bloggers and social media the source of most of their problems. If they could silence us, they could stop Americans from fighting back.

The Obama administration may try to pas another bill to replace the NDAA, even though they already have the power to launch an attack on America through martial law, which the President could declare at the drop of a hat, via his Executive Orders, whether he use the Insurrection Act, National Emergencies Act, National Security Directive the "Executive Directive 51" or a number of other powers to effectively crush any uprising or revolution.

While many people won't believe it, living in the denial of their safe and secure lifestyles, revolution or civil war may be closer than any of us think. All it would take would be for the economy to crash and the dollar to become worthless, another war (like the one we could be getting into right now with Iran, which could spiral out of control as we are being warned not to attack Iran by both China and Russia), or food shortages and oil shortages.   

Could we really be headed towards revolution or civil war, again? It's not as far fetched as you might think.

For more on the NDAA, check out my previous articles, New NDAA Bill Prepares U.S. for Martial Law as Washington Plans to Squash Civil Unrest, NDAA is Worst Legislation since Patriot Act and Obama first took our Rights with NDAA, he's now taking our Guns, leaving us Defenseless. But if you want to help repeal the NDAA, check out my call to action, Repeal NDAA! Initiative to Take Back America!

If you want to organize your own proactive campaign for change, I recommend you download, How to Coordinate a Campaign for Change, one of the many free ebooks available as a PDF download from AssEtEbooks.com. No email required, no sign-up, no opt-in and no obligations!

Either way, John F. Kennedy once said, "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."

Well, we sure as hell don't want to jail freedom or stunt our growth, now do we?

Written By: Tom Retterbush
Email: tomretterbush@gmail.com
Update: 7-27-2012

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