Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obama first took our Rights with NDAA, he's now taking our Guns, leaving us Defenseless

Quietly our government is taking our rights, now also taking our guns, leaving us defenseless to tyranny. 

Starting with the Patriot Act, our government is taking our rights one by one, now also wanting to take our guns, hinting that the U.S. government is preparing for a response against probable civil unrest, possible civil war, maybe even revolution. 

When looking at Obama as Commander and Chief of the U.S. military, his authority of Executive Order, the National Security Directives and the Homeland Security Presidential Directives, you will notice that there is already a lot of dictatorial power being thrown around by the President.

Indeed, over the years, the President of the United States has been allocated more and more power. Abe Fortas, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, who believed in an expanded executive branch and a less powerful legislative branch, put it like this: "The enormous growth of presidential power from FDR to Lyndon Johnson was a necessary and an inevitable adaptation of our constitutional system to national needs."

Then there came of course the Patriot Act, which  dramatically reduced restrictions in law enforcement agencies' gathering of intelligence within the United States; expanded the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions and broadened the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts.

Recently there came the newly revised and amended NDAA bill, with all it's new language, limiting our rights even further. Then later still came SOPA and PIPA, being replaced by ACTA and the Internet 'Kill Switch', which are attempting to censor the Internet as part of the U.S. government's ongoing effort to control and contain communication and information.

Sources show that an estimated 1,271 U.S. government organizations and approximately 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence located in over 10,000 different locations across the continental United States. Who are they spying on and what are they afraid of.

By now you may have noticed a pattern, where the U.S, government is systematically taking more and more of our rights and freedoms, while gaining more and more control over our lives. It remains only for them to take our guns, thereby leaving us defenseless if or when they make their final move towards total control by declaring Martial Law. The government is more afraid discontent Americans than fanatic terrorists!

Without guns, there can be no militia, which our founding fathers saw as the last line of defense against oppressive government and crucial to the life, liberty and freedom of our people.

Gun Control is not about Guns, it is about Control!

Barack Obama will become known as the most anti-gun president in American history. Back when he was still Senator Obama, he said “words matter.” But he refuses to speak honestly about where he stands when it comes to your Second Amendment rights. Obama is a master of hiding behind cleverly chosen words and vague statements about all his policies, but particularly when talking about gun rights, he is careful to sidestep and camouflage the truth.

But even he can’t hide from the truth forever … his voting record, political associations, and long standing positions make it clear that Barack Obama is the most anti-gun president in American history.
"...just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can't constrain the exercise of that right..." - Barack Obama
To give you a quick look at the double standard of the Obama administration, note that Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Thursday, February 2, 2012, to answer questions about his role in the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal. However, backed Obama, instead of answers, Congress got more defiance, arrogance and wasted time with an attorney general who only feels loyalty towards his President, rather than the American people they both swore to serve.

But at least this hearing revealed Holder's foolhardy attempt to divert attention away from himself and his disregard of responsibility, letting Congress know that Obama is still working hard to reinstate former President Bill Clinton’s so-called “assault weapons” ban.

Holder said that this administration has consistently favored the assault weapons ban. It is something that they think useful in regard to the reduction in crime, and what would have a positive impact on the crime situation in Mexico.

The Obama administration's Eric Holder and his Justice Department oversaw a scandal where our federal government illegally and immorally supplied thousands of firearms to Mexican cartels. This resulted indirectly in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent and hundreds of Mexicans, including both cartel members and dozens of civilian casualties.

Despite being  our nation’s chief law enforcement officer as head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder maintains to this day that he doesn’t know how or why this scandal occurred, or even which of his subordinates may have authorized it. Holder still refuses to surrender critical documents to congressional investigators that may help prevent something this corrupt from happening again.
"Gun Control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna' have a gun. Safety locks? You pull a trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins." - Former mobster Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, who testified against John Gotti (his former boss), admitted to killing nineteen people, and is now living under the Witness Protection Program.
Obama believes he can ban a large number of the legal firearms from law-abiding Americans, which they use for self-defense, recreational shooting and hunting, thereby solving Mexico’s crime problem. Who does he think he's fooling? Or is he really that stupid? is now disclosing the truth about Barack Obama’s words,like:

  • “Do you support state legislation to … ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? Yes.” (Independent Voters of Illinois/Independent Precinct Organization general candidate questionnaire, Sept. 9, 1996
  • “I’m consistently on record and will continue to be on record as opposing concealed carry.” (Chicago Tribune, April 27, 2004)
  • “I believe in keeping guns out of our inner cities and that our leaders must say so in the face of the gun manufacturers lobby.” Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope (2006). is also exposing Obama’s deeds, like:

  • Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sports shooting. (United States Senate, vote no. 217, S. 397, July 29, 2005)
  • Obama voted to uphold local gun bans and the criminal prosecution of people who use firearms in self-defense. (Illinois Senate, SB 2165, vote 20, March 25, 2004)
  • In his only two votes on confirming Supreme Court nominees, Obama voted against two of the five justices (Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito) who later affirmed an individual right to keep and bear arms in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller.

Legislation is now pending in Congress to confiscate all handguns, register all guns, and tax ammunition up to 500%. Others want to go much farther. Within a few years it could be illegal for you to buy any guns or ammunition.

If you already own guns, you may be required to turn them in to the Gestapo... oops... I mean, government, under penalty of fine and imprisonment.

On February 28, 1994, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen announced the reclassification of several 12-gauge revolver-action shotguns. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) announced they would trace the owners, and order them to be fingerprinted and register with the BATF within 30 days or face a $250,000 fine and 10 years imprisonment.

In some cities police have already begun warrantless, door-to-door searches of public housing projects for guns.

Will gun prohibition make you and your family safer? The evidence from cities in the US where guns have already been virtually banned is not reassuring.
Either way, our government will make sure we all comply to whatever they are cooking up. Never before in history and nowhere else on earth has there been an intelligence and information gathering apparatus like what we have in America today.

It all started with Sellar Wind, the open secret code name for a collection of activities performed by the NSA in the wake of 9/11 involved data mining a large database of the communications of American citizens, including e-mail conversations, phone calls, financial transactions, and Internet activity. Since the implementation of the program, there have been internal disputes within the U.S. Justice Department about the legality and in 2004 Attorney General John Ashcroft ruled the program illegal. 
But no problem, there was always the President’s Surveillance Program (PSP), the collection of secret intelligence activities authorized by George W. Bush after the September 11, 2001 attacks. The only section of the PSP program publicly disclosed has been the warrantless wiretapping of international communications. The other PSP activities remain classified information to this day.

There was the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 is a 236-page Act of Congress, signed by President George W. Bush that broadly affects U.S. federal terrorism laws. It established both the position of Director of National Intelligence (DNI), the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

In conclusion, the U.S. government will continue to take control of our every move, in our mundane, everyday lives. They will continue to make laws, rules and regulations, enforcing them through an ever increasing integrated effort with KGB like intelligence and Gestapo like law enforcement.

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Written By: Tom Retterbush

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