Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Facebook is CIA's Primary Intelligence Source

CIA uses Facebook to Openly and Legally Spy on Americans

People share virtually every bit of information about themselves with Facebook. From age, race, sexual orientation, religious and political affiliation, even daily updates about their whereabouts, people are sharing literally everything. And since this is open source information, it is totally legal for the CIA, FBI, DHS and any other acronym and law enforcement agency to use it.

When this information is posted alongside with your picture, the government can (and does) create a composite profile of you and literally every American who is even remotely connected to a social media site, particularly Facebook, but also Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace, YouTube and about a dozen others.

Deputy CIA Director, Christopher Sarinsky, said about Facebook: “After years of secretly monitoring the public, we were astounded so many people would willingly publicize where they live, their religious and political views, an alphabetized list of all their friends, personal emails addresses, phone numbers, hundreds of photos of themselves, and even status updates about what they were doing moment to moment. It is truly a dream come true for the CIA.”

Although I was aware of the U.S. government efforts to monitor the Internet, including social media, having written several articles about the subject, including, U.S. Homeland Security Monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other Sites for Signs of Discontent, Internet Anonymity, Security is a Purposely Spread Illusion and Big Brother has Your Password, but even I had no idea as to what extent.

The collected data is then assessed, studied and analyzed by every type of expert known to man. This analysis is "sought by the highest levels at the White House" and ends up in the President's intelligence briefing almost on a daily basis, Doug Naquin, director of the CIA's Open Source Center was quoted saying.

Facebook and the other social media sites are enabling the CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI and every other acronym reporting to Washington to get reliable real-time assessments of public sentiment during rapidly changing events around the world.

Monitoring these sites saves intelligence and police agencies millions in information gathering operations, as well as countless man hours. It's a lot easier and cheaper to obtain information that is shared with you voluntarily, than when it has to be gathered through wiretaps, interrogations and informants.   

The CIA facility focused on counterterrorism operations was set up in response to recommendations by the 9/11 Commission.

Though the CIA team known as the "vengeful librarians" is just one of the teams that gathers information in multiple languages to build a real-time picture of the mood in various regions of the world, it is the only one the news media caught with their pants down.  Who knows what other secret intelligence gathering and analyzing activities the NSA, DHS or FBI have operating in the shadows right now?

However, we do know, by their own admission, that the CIA is monitoring Facebook and watching other social networks from a nondescript facility in a Virginia industrial park, twenty-four hours a day.

News of the CIA operation comes just before the United States Department of Homeland Security said it was working on guidelines for protecting the privacy rights of US citizens while it monitors social media sites.

Yet, the CIA is suspected of even using Facebook applications, like suggested friends, which allowed the agency in more than one occasion to go deeper undercover into people's networks, to which they gained trust and access when Agents befriended them on Facebook.They are thought to use location apps like Forursquare together with GPS, to know exactly where you go, when you go there, who you meet there and how long you stay.

With Washington afraid that an Internet Revolution is Inevitable, and that it could it spill over into the Real World our government is going to be keeping closer tabs on us than ever. Maybe mainstream will wake up to what's going on when martial law is declared and various so called ‘trouble makers’ are rounded up and shipped off to Gotonomo Bay style concentration camps.

If you had been reading my articles, such as The United States is under Martial Law right now through Obama's New Executive Order and China and Russia threaten US Attack on Iran fraught with unpredictable consequences, you would know that this scary scenario becomes more likely with each passing day. I don't know what our leaders are thinking, but it appears as if they care little about our welfare, much less our wishes.

With them monitoring the Internet, social media and Bloggers, I should be worried that I would be one of the first to disappear, but I will not let them scare me any more than I will let them silence me.

Am I on Facebook? Why certainly! I love using their own systems against them.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

One Nation Under Surveillance

What limits, if any, should be placed on a government's efforts to spy on its citizens in the name of national security? Spying on one's own citizens in a democracy? Changes in technology make it impractical to distinguish between 'foreign' and 'local' communications. And our culture is progressively reducing the sphere of activity that citizens can reasonably expect to be kept from government eyes. The main casualty of this transformed environment will be privacy. Recent battles over privacy have been dominated by fights over warrantless electronic surveillance or CCTV; the coming years will see debates over DNA databases, data mining, and biometric identification. There will be protests and lawsuits, editorials and elections resisting these attacks on privacy. Those battles are worthy. But the war will be lost. Modern threats increasingly require that governments collect such information, governments are increasingly able to collect it, and citizens increasingly accept that they will collect it.

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