Friday, September 9, 2011

What Obama didn’t tell the American People during his Presidential Address

As I sit watching Obama’s Presidential Address, I can’t help but picture him as a puppet king hailing his minions, while he tells us what the puppet masters think we want to hear.

Reading from teleprompters and cue cards, we aren’t hearing what our President has to say, but what his speechwriters have been told by big business.

While delivering his speech, it all sounds promising, but I think the President knows, that we Americans have figured out that it’s all nothing but BS, and that nothing he is saying will ever get done.

Obama knows that the gears are in motion, where nothing that anybody says or does will change the fact, that the world is in a downward spiral and can no longer be saved.

It is possibly too late for even the power elite calling the shots to manipulate an economy this broken beyond repair. It appears the New World Order will fail again, just as they did when they were still called the Third Reich.

And so our government, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and Rothschilds, Rockefellas and Morgans of the world scramble, trying desperately to salvage what’s left of a sinking ship, otherwise known as our economy.

Although, no matter what world governments or rich secret societies do now, the damage has already been done long ago. Ever since money was no longer backed up by gold. In fact, world economies returning to a gold standard is possibly the only thing that could save us from a financial chaos.

There is no question, the world is head towards a depression never before seen. The bigger question is now, how far will China go to collect the money it’s owed. There are many that believe this it is this tension that will eventually lead to war.

The Wall Street Journal writes, Inflation Is China's Top Concern, World Bank Chief Says.

China is America's largest creditor. Depending on how it's measured, we owe China anywhere from $739 billion to $1 trillion - and that sum is likely to rise given how much we're going to need to borrow to stimulate the economy. What is China going to do once they realize that the US and various European countries will never be able to repay them what they are owed? How far will China go to collect?

Once bitter foes during the Cold War, Moscow and Beijing have over the past years ramped up political cooperation as both are driven by a desire to counterbalance US global dominance.

Together they want to replace the dollar with an alternative currency!

Russia and China have joint plans to expand their "strategic cooperation" including within multilateral structures like the UN and the Group of Twenty developed and developing economies.

Joint work is also to be ramped up within regional groupings like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in order to… "support peace, security and stability on the planet and facilitate the formation of a multilateral world and the democratization of international relations," a Chinese diplomat said.

The language coming from these two Superpowers suggests eastern alienation towards the west.

Could it come down to the unthinkable. A world war between America and Europe against China and Russia?

Oblivious to the average American, China has been developing modified Dong Feng 21 missiles capable of extremely long flight. Although the potential of threat didn’t go unnoticed by our government, nobody seemingly bothered to tell the American public.

China has also made itself known to be a cybersecurity threat to both the industrial and military communities. And as we sleep, China has conducted numerous penetration tests against srategic U.S. computer systems.

We also know that China has a relatively active, organized cybercriminal community, with large groups of people conducting phishing attacks against Americans.

China has 1.3 billion people, more than four times America’s population. China gives birth to more babies each year than Canada has people — and that’s after China’s incredible policy which only allows the Chinese one child per family.

China has become an economic powerhouse, growing its GDP by about 10% per year. This year, China blew past Japan to become the world’s second largest individual economy, after the U.S.

China’s cows, alone, will be consuming more than one seventh of the world’s oil supplies within 10 years. Just their cows. That’s not counting what their 1.3 billion people need.

China consumes slightly more than we do, at about 2.6 billion tons of go-juice. What makes China particularly interesting is that they’re consuming more and more each year. While our demand increases only 0.34% annually, China’s demand is increasing at 8.68%. Even the rate of increase is increasing. Back in 2000, China’s demand only increased by 2.46%.

I did a lot more math in How To Save Jobs, but one calculation stood out. China has made it a national priority to push more and more of its citizens into a middle class. But if China manages to “middle class” most of its citizens, China alone would then consume 10.1 billion tons of oil equivalent per year, or 78% of the world’s total output.

If India were to grow at the same rate (and India is growing fast, as well), China and India combined would consume 1.5 times the world’s total energy supply. In other words, those two countries, alone, will need more oil that the world actually has. This could be a problem.

The Chinese government is aware of all of this. The more they build, the more they consume. This is why China has become frenemies with the United States.

We provide a market for their goods and a source of money for all that energy they consume.

But there’s one more important fact about China you should know. China absolutely hates that Taiwan isn’t part of the PRC. They absolutely, viscerally hate that the United States has been defending Taiwan and has been standing in their way to repatriate Taiwan, to bring Taiwanese citizens under mainland control.

In fact, to many PRC government minds, Taiwan is now part of mainland China. It’s just that America is blocking their rightful governance.

So, put it all together. China has four times our population. They have an economy going gangbusters, but will likely need more oil than exists on the planet, and they have an irrational anger at us for our role in keeping Taiwan out of their clutches. Plus, we owe them trillions of dollars.

It makes for a potent and volatile cocktail, doesn’t it?

I’ve written several articles on state of the world economy within the last year myself, trying desperately to warn people of the coming chaos. Thank God I’m not the only one who sees the approaching doom.

In his book, The Next Great Clash: China and Russia vs. the United States, Michael Levin makes the case that China and the United States will go to war with each other within the next 5 to 25 years.

Though this may sound like something from a Tom Clancy novel, The Next Great Clash is no wild theory. Levin looks at the impending causes for a major global confrontation through economic, political, cultural, and historical lenses.

Levin also explains how Russia, America’s Cold War enemy, has deftly positioned itself as the “swing player” in this real world game of Risk. Though the USSR has fallen, Russia has a lot to gain by promoting a conflict between East and West. Levin carefully examines the fragile 400-year relationship between these neighbors and the strategic partnership that has developed between them.

Levin and I have the same agenda in mind, as we both try to raise awareness before a clash becomes inevitable. By understanding the issues from all sides, we hope that we as people will find a way to avoid World War III.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

The Next Great Clash: China and Russia vs. the United States
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