Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 20 Most Bizarre of Popular Conspiracies

Not the Same-Old, Same-Old Everyday Conspiracies; but Real Humdingers! 

I like to keep my eyes, ears and especially my mind wide open so as to not be biased or prejudicial towards any potential well conceived conspiracy. Because, by God, they are out there! 

Although I wrote, The 10 Most Popular Conspiracies, back in December of 2010,  I have come across some conspiracies that I not only had not covered in my previous article so strange as to warrant their own article.

There are a lot of unusual, real life conspiracies that have been proven to be true. Then there are some strange, thought-provoking, mysterious conspiracies that have at least some truth to them. Finally, there are the bizarre, off-the-wall conspiracies that are completely false, to the point even a child could spot the lies.  

Bellow you will find a selection of conspiracies that are so bizarre, that they should either be classified as the greatest conspiracies ever conceived or as the greatest BS ever told. Read about them and be amazed.

1. Fukushima was a False Flag
Japan not hit by 9.0 quake. A False Flag nuclear weaponstest actually destroyed Fukushima

2. State Lotteries is Rigged
Jackpots go up and up, but hardly anybody wins. Millions are made off of those who are willing to wait for the pipe dream of striking it rich.

3. AIDS was Invented in a Laboratory
Many believe that AIDS was invented by either governments or the New World Order to ill off homosexuals and/or drug addicts. We also have the cure for the disease, but it is only available for those worthy to receive it.

4. We already have the Cures for Cancer 
Many believe We already have cures for cancer, but that the government "runs people out of the country" once they know the cure. There could actually be something to this conspiracy, since there is substantial evidence that cancer can be cured and prevented.

5. The North American Union of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico 
Many believe that there is a conspiracy between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico to become one country. This one has enough truth to it to compel me to write the article, Wikileaks Cable Confirms Secret North American Union Agenda, so check it out and be... amazed, confused, maybe even pissed.

6. Killing of Bin Laden really Staged by US Government
There are those who believe that US Navy SEALS did not kill Osama bin Laden, but that the hit was staged by the US government and that bin Laden had already been dead for years. Check out my article, Was the Killing of Bin Laden really Staged by US Government? and decide for yourself.

7. Hoover created a Hit Squad of Homosexuals to Assassinate JFK
There are those who believe that J. Edgar Hoover created a hit squad made up entirely of homosexuals "to assassinate JFK." After the 'hit,' their street clothes were to be changed to "flamboyant/gayish" attire, since back then these types of people would have ignored as "homosexuals" that couldn't possibly have committed such a horrendous act.

8. Redheads are the offspring of aliens
There is little I can ad to the above title, other than there are more people believe this than you might think.

9. There is a concentration camp under the Denver International Airport
It is believed by many that there is a concentration camp under the Denver International Airport which has an 8 level underground military base, a gas chamber and is rumored to be conducting genetic experiments. 

10. Dulce, New Mexico, has a Secret Underground Base
Many believe that there is a secret underground base located in Dulce, New Mexico that the American Government has been working on for over 70 years. It is said to house not only alien spacecraft, but actual live aliens who are conducting genetic expirements on humans and animals. There is a ton of info on this on the internet. Check it out.

11. Fox News Broadcasts Invisible Signals of Mind Control
Some believe that Fox News Channel is broadcasting some parallel, inaudible and invisible signals with the audiovisual that is consciously perceived by the viewers." If Fox News is using mind control, what specifically would its purpose be?

12. Obama was Groomed to be the first Muslim President
Obama is said to do things for the Muslim Brotherhood and since they do not like the Jews, Obama wants to make sure Israel falls.

13. The Number on the Back of your Social Security Card is a World Bank Account Number
There are those who believe that the number on the back of your social security card is a World Bank account number. At the bank, “there is a form that you can fill out to get that money back from the government, but the story goes if you do that you become marked as a target for death.”

14. Dentists are putting Small Microwave-Type things in your Teeth
Some believe that dentist are putting small mircowave type things in your teeth! This help's to give you heart burn and indigestion which in turn puts doctor's in business and drug companies selling anti-acid medications.

15. Strange Rain
Reports of clear goo rain. Tests were done on the goo and it was determend that it had human white blood cells and some kind of animal nucleus in the cells, and almost everyone in the town got 'Flue like symtoms', and several pets that came in comtact with it died.

16. Free Cell Phones are Equipped with a Micro Transmitter
Some believe that the free government funded cell phones are equipped with a micro transmitter that not only monitors the location of the phone and communications.but picks up what purchases are made with state food stamp cards.and what is billed to state medical cards.and certain charges and purchases can automatically raise red flags.the person I heard this from works in the micro software ind."

17. Abiotic Acid
Reports of oil that naturally replenishes itself! It has supposedly been around since the 1950's but few people know about it.

18. No More Guns
There are those who claim that Obama is having contractor 'Security Forces' trained for a 2013 confiscation of our guns."

19. Dream Warnings Sent by Aliens
There are many people who say that they have been getting dreams sent to them about things to come and that they are being sent by aliens to try and help us. Some say they have dreamed of disasters that have come true. These people think that there is a race of bad and good aliens. While the good ones are trying to help us through our dreams, the bad ones are here to take control of the world. Sound familiar? Did anybody watch "The Event"?

20. George Bush was flying the reconstructed Roswell Flying Disk
There are those who actually claim that George Bush was flying a reconstructed Roswell flying disk and used the alien death ray to destroy the Twin Towers on 9-11-01 while also using alien brain manipulation technology to make the world "see" planes flying into the towers. He did this to bring about the End of Days.

If you want to read about some more real whacked-out conspiracies, I recommend you check out The Conspiracy Summit Dossier: Whistle Blower's Guide To The Strangest And Most Bizarre Cosmic And Global Conspiracies! This 190 page awesome volume includes an exclusive, first time  interview with Bill Cooper's daughter! Jessica Cooper, daughter of the legendary patroit and former Naval Officer, gives her first ever interview with Tim Beckley, discussing her dad's raging battle with the authorities, what he REALLY believed about UFOs, the Kennedy assassination, and how the Feds tried to use her to lure her father down from the safety of his mountain top retreat.This is a treat for any conspiracy lover!


One way I get introduced to some of these fantastic conspiracies is through your comments and article submissions inquiries. While I encourage you, the public, to submit conspiracy theories you think Conspiracy Watch should investigate, we aren't able to follow up on every tip, particularly when starting with nothing but a theory. I wish Conspiracy Watch could explore them all further, however, the only way to be able to cover more of them is if you provide more submissions to publish.

Keep the suggestions coming, while remembering that the only dumb question is the one that is never asked and the only bad story is the one that is never written.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

Hundreds gathered at the Alien Agenda and Cosmic Conspiracies Conference to hear the testimony of a dozen of the world s leading theorists discussing various cutting edge topics. Discussed were Mind Control, Eisenhower And The Aliens, The Gulf Breeze Six, Project Blue Beam Ritual Magic And UFOs, System of tunnels built 200,000 years ago by aliens linked with the New World Order, NASA is just a front for the real space program, ships exist that will take elitists from earth in case of a disaster, and much more.

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