Monday, January 24, 2011

The Other Healthcare Conspiracy

Obamacare is not our only Healthcare Conspiracy in America

Many Americans think that the Healthcare Reform, better known as Obamacare, to be the only healthcare related scandal, scam and conspiracy in the US.

Unfortunately, as serious as the Healtrhcare Reform issue is, it has drawn attention away from another, even more serious, scandalous and fraudulent conspiracy.

Together, the pharmaceutical industry, together with unethical, greedy doctors, scientists and researchers have been lying to the American people, as well as people worldwide, about what makes them sick, as well as what makes them well and keeps them healthy.

Unfortunately, this is not all there is to this conspiracy. The web weaves even further, reaching all the way into the food industry, the FDA and top government officials. Wherever a profit can be made, someone is willing to share it with someone else who who can make it happen. At every turn, someone is holding their hand out at the expense of our well being, even our lives.

One of the big secrets of the cardiology world is that elevated cholesterol plays no part in over 50 percent of heart attacks and strokes. Scientific evidence indicates that cholesterol itself is not the real cause of heart disease, in some cases not being a factor at all.

Why is this information being kept secret?

If the truth were told, the food and pharmaceutical industries would lose billions of dollars in revenue, so they continue to promote the cholesterol lie to make money. Lots of money.

Example of the many conspiracies within the Healthcare  

The American Soybean Association capitalized on the fear initiated by the cholesterol theory and distributed a "Fat Fighter Kit" to soybean farmers encouraging them to write their congressmen, food regulators and food companies to protest the use of dangerous tropical oils.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest took part in the media blitz and supported the ASA's claims.

The tropical oil market was shattered and the American public was convinced to consume polyunsaturated vegetable oils including those derived from soy, which actually promote heart attacks and strokes.

Health officials, scientists and experts on oils and fats attempted to inject some truth into the barrage of media reports by showing that some of the tropical oils, such as coconut and palm kernel oil, are actually powerful inhibitors of atherosclerosis.

A study of the health and dietary habits of natives living in the Pacific islands by nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price shows those who ate the traditional diets rarely suffered from heart disease, strokes, diabetes, arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Their diet consisted of large amounts of saturated fat - fat from the coconut, such as coconut milk, meat and oils. They also ate a large amount of omega-3 oils from fish, as well as fruit flavonoids.

Interestingly, Dr. Price found that the natives had almost perfect teeth, despite the fact that they never brushed, flossed or used mouthwash. In fact, the tooth decay rate for the islanders eating a traditional diet was substantially less than those eating a Western diet.

Despite claims that coconut oils are bad for people, recent studies show coconut oils being used in hospitals for gravely ill adult patients, as well as for infants.

Regardless of the propaganda by the ASA, palm oil (oil from the palm plant) contains a very powerful group of antioxidant components of vitamin E, known as tocotrienols, which has been reported to protect against atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and cancer.

The above is one example of the many scandalous conspiracies that exist within the Healthcare industry, involving the pharmaceutical and food industries, doctors, researchers, the FDA and countless officials reaching into the highest levels of government.

To solve the dilemma, we must however first identify and acknowledge it, but at this very starting line, lobbyists from every sector head off well meaning whistle blowers, stopping them before they can even get the word out.

They fight us with misinformation

With means of disinformation, doctored research, falsifies studies and conflicting data, they have continued to cast enough doubt into any opposition to shut down most investigations that have been launched and closed almost every case that was opened.

It will be a lot of unrewarding, damning, persecuting work to attempt exposing the conspiracy. Who has the willpower, followthrough, resources and connections to make it happen?

Me, that's who! I will not lie down knowing what's going on! I refuse to just let it happen, shut my mouth and forget about it.

For now, my advice, don't believe everything the food industry, drug companies, research labs or the FDA tells you.

You will want to read my article on my blog, What Doctors aren't telling us that could mean Life or Death, which gets into detail about some of the actual health issues in I discussed in this article.

But this isn't the last you'll hear from me on this issue. I promise you that!

Written By: Tom Retterbush