Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Barack Obama Conspiracy

Obama spent over 1 million dollars to block disclosure of his records. Why would someone with nothing to hide do this?

Barack Obama has spent over 1 million dollars with 11 law firms in 12 states to block disclosure of his personal records, birth certificates and school transcripts of Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School.

There is an interesting account of Obama’s life disclosed in “The Obama File” which reveals much of what has been uncovered regarding the personal life of Barack Obama, aka. Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro, or whatever his real name may be, the man elected President of the United States. But if the actual name of our President were the only mystery surrounding "Barack Obama" I would quit right here. Unfortunately, it is only the beginning of the Barack Obama Conspiracy.

A very official appearing signed birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama has appeared in the media indicating Obama’s birthplace to be Mombasa, Kenya. The Kenya Ambassador to the United States and the paternal step-grandmother of Obama have stated to media sources he was born in Kenya. An unsigned short-form birth certificate indicating he was born in Hawaii was posted on the Obama website, but was later acknowledged as a forgery since it lacked an official stamp; but no long-form official signed birth certificate has been produced, and the Honolulu hospital at which Obama claims to have been born apparently has no record of his birth. This means he was not born in the United States and would already disqualify him from the Presidency. But this is only the beginning!

It is well documented that Obama attended private school in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro, and that this documentation discloses his citizenship to be Indonesian. And considering that Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship, the declaration of Indonesian citizenship would have required an act of “repatriotization” to become a U.S. citizen again, and there is no record of such an act, anywhere. There is also no record of any application for changing his name to Barry Soetoro, or back to Barack Obama.

After graduating from high school in Hawaii, Obama was granted a Fulbright fellowship to attend Occidental College. The Fulbright program is administered by the U.S. Department of State, and is awarded to “foreign students”. Americans for Freedom of Information won a suit in the Superior Court of California that released information surrounding the Fulbright award. The transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia.

Access to his Columbia University records have been blocked to date; so we do not know who financed his education, or how he was able to achieve admission. Fox News interviewed 400 classmates of Obama at Columbia, and found it strange that not one of them remembered Barack Obama. It is known that Obama met several friends from Pakistan while attending Occidental, and there are allegations that he was connected to an advisor of a Saudi Arabian prince that assisted with admission and funding for Harvard Law School. During this same time Obama traveled to Indonesia and Pakistan, presumably on an Indonesian passport, because there appears to be no record of a U.S. passport at that time.

There are numerous media articles that allege Obama was recruited by the CIA while at Occidental, and that possibly the CIA paid for his education at Columbia. To further support the CIA allegation, after Obama graduated from Columbia he was employed at Business International Corporation, a company commonly associated as a front for CIA agents. To add further intrigue to the mystery, Obama’s mother worked for U.S. Agency for International Development, another company commonly alleged as a cover for CIA agents. However, association with the CIA on behalf of Obama is all circumstantial, offering no real proof of his employment or any other professional affiliation with the Company. Accusations of his dealings with the CIA are merely speculations and assumptions, however convincing they may be.

What is perhaps more mystifying, is that no record has been provided of who paid for Obama to attend Harvard Law School. But there are several allegations his admission and education were arranged by a connection to Saudi Arabia, and yes, again the CIA. And while at Harvard, many find it highly suspicious that he was elected President of Harvard Law Review without publishing any signed written work.

Another controversy is over Obama’s Social Security number. The filing with Washington DC federal court alleges him using multiple Social Security numbers, and using a Social Security number assigned to someone else. Records show his Social Security number indicates Connecticut as the state of origin, a state in which he has never lived. Records further indicate his card was issued between 1977-79, so how was he employed by Baskin-Robbins in Oahu, Hawaii in 1975. And the records also reveal his number was previously issued to someone born in 1890.

There are many accusations and depositions surrounding the personal records of President Obama, and his aggressive attempts to block their release only intensify the controversy. If the release of the Occidental College transcript was the smoking gun sought by many who question if Obama is legally our President, then the conspiracy theorists must be drooling over possible misconduct surrounding his birth certificate and other personal records yet to be disclosed.

I have the feeling this is but the tip of the iceburg. That there is more to our President than meets the eye...

My dear readers, I will continue investigating Barack Obama, if that is his real name, and report to you any and all findings.

Only time will reveal the truth.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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