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The 10 Most Popular Conspiracies

Here are the 10 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories Ever

According to polls, Most Americans believe in the existence of some conspiracy theories.

According to recent polls, most Americans agree that the scenario posed by at least one conspiracy theory is very likely or somewhat likely.

Of the rest of the population, many people follow these conspiracy theories even if they don't believe in them. After all, people follow science fiction, fantasy and fable.

Although some popular conspiracy theories are absolutely unbelievable, most have some degree of truth to them. This is what makes them so intriguing. No matter if its the fantastic implications that would be implied if they were true, or if its soley the imagination that keeps these theories alive, they are popular and they are here to stay.

Bellow you will find the most popular conspiracy theories to date, though more will surely develope as history unfolds new mysteries, secrets and questions for mankind to ponder.

1. The JFK Assassination

This one’s classic, so much so that movies have been made about the possible conspiracy theories behind the shooting of President Kennedy in November 1963. There are so many conspiracy theories floating around about JFK that going through them all would take quite a while. Most famous is the idea that there were more shooters than just Lee Harvey Oswald, thanks to the testing on the speed of Oswald’s rifle and witness accounts of hearing shots from multiple directions. Then there are those who insist LBJ, the CIA, the Russians or a group of international bankers were behind the assassination. According to recent polls, more than half of all Americans believe it is very likely or somewhat likely that government officials were "directly responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy." The theories will never die. People love a conspiracy, and it’s a lot more intriguing than believing JFK was shot by a lone nut.

2. Aliens at Roswell

The granddaddy of government cover-up stories (and fuel for “The X-Files” and countless other media), the theory that the U.S. government recovered an alien ship and corpses after a 1947 crash in the New Mexico desert has been the subject of intense speculation and debate for decades. Initial news reports said that military at Roswell Army Air Field had recovered a “flying saucer,” but subsequent military announcements clarified that they’d only recovered a weather balloon. The story remained mostly forgotten until the late 1970s, when ufologist Stanton Friedman interviewed a man who’d helped clean up the debris in 1947 and who claimed it was alien-made. Internal investigations revealed that the debris was likely scrap from a military program that used balloons to test for sound waves from Soviet bomb tests, with the bodies a combination of bad info and mixed up memories about recovered test dummies. There’s no proof of alien hardware ever being there, but then, lack of proof is what makes a conspiracy theory so catchy.

3. Secret Societies Run the World

The New World Order, Illuminati and Freemasons have been getting plenty of press in recent years. Together, they supposedly secretly control the world's governments; they worship a divine entity known as the Great Architect of the Universe and seek the world's destruction so it can be rebuilt more perfectly; they have long infiltrated nearly all aspects of American society, business and government. They are bent on establishing a New World Order. The appeal of this theory is its utter vagueness and total flexibility based on location and government; basically, anyone in power is probably doing something super secretive and deadly right now that’s designed to increase the suffering of the masses and bring more wealth and power to the elite. It goes without saying that there’s no proof of any of this, but then, that’s the other appeal of conspiracy theories.

4. 9/11 Was an Inside Job

This is one of the many “false flag” conspiracy theories in which people posit that actions carried out by one government are disguised to look like the work of another body, which in the case of 9/11 refers to the belief that U.S. authorities were complicit in the attacks while letting them appear to be driven by al-Qaeda. The conspiracies fall into two basic camps: that the U.S. knew the attacks were going to happen and let them occur anyway, or that U.S. forces planned and executed the attacks and then pinned the blame on al-Qaeda. Conspiracy theorists also claim that the World Trade Centers were destroyed with intentional implosions and not solely the damage from being hit by the planes, and that this was a justification for the U.S. to go to war (again) in the Middle East. The 9/11 Commission Report and multiple independent news organizations have reported that such conclusions are highly implausible, if not downright insane.

5. Global Warming Is a Fraud

Despite scientific research to the contrary, many critics believe that global warming is a myth cooked up to let the U.N. enforce a system of global government and to burden U.S. citizens with random taxes. Surveys have also found that some energy companies have bankrolled think tanks and columnists to speak out against global warming, or to shift the debate and settle for the compromise that it is occurring but isn’t necessarily influenced by humans. The issue remains a politically contentious one, but that doesn’t change the science underneath. Check out my post, the Global Warming Conspiracy, here on

6. The Moon Landings Never Happened

The short version is that some people think that the Apollo 11 Moon landing in July 1969 was a hoax shot on sets designed to look like the Moon. The ball got rolling in 1974, when Bill Kaysing self-published a book titled We Never Went to the Moon, listing his complaints and theories about why he thought the series of missions were fakes. Moon landing hoax believers tend to get lost when it comes to motive, though, claiming that the U.S. government rigged the fake landings as a way to gain prestige and beat the Soviet Union in the space race. Despite the existence of mountains of objective evidence, a few wingnuts continue to believe the whole thing was a hoax.

7. AIDS Is Man-Made

There’s no shortage of scientific evidence about the origin of HIV and AIDS, but nobody ever let evidence get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Proponents of these theories say that AIDS was invented in a lab for purposes of biological warfare. Some have said the disease was created to wipe out the gay population by a controlling government. All of these conspiracy theories have been debunked, but just like every other crackpot idea on this list, proponents of the theory say that the debunking is just further proof that the “truth” is being suppressed. AIDS is a humanitarian crisis, but not a weapon.

8. Elvis is still Alive

Although considered by some conspiracy theorists to be the most ridiculous, unbelievable of all the conspiracy theories, it is perhaps also the best know and most liked. Who hasn't heard or even made a joke about seeing Elvis alive somewhere? Who wouldn't love hearing him be found living a humble, discreet life in Switzerland? Elvis sightings have come from all over the world, from Memphis to Madagascar, people have claimed seeing him everywhere to the point of the sightings being a phenomenon themselves. Indeed, there are Elvis theorists who have some pretty convincing evidence to support him being alive!

This theory is similar to the one attached to 9/11 in that it posits that the U.S. government had advance knowledge of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack but let it happen as a way to force the nation to enter the war. Subsequent investigations have shown that the U.S. knew about or at least expected some kind of attack from Japan (just as, many years later, George W. Bush knew about Osama bin Laden’s plans to attack the U.S.), still FDR allowed some 2,400 people to be killed so that he'd have popular support for entering World War II. Order Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies from Amazon, HERE.

10. Barack Obama was not Born in the United States

Although one of the newest major conspiracy theory, should these accusations be true, the implications would eliminate Barack Obama from being President of the United States. Wait, oh, yeah, Obama already IS President of the United States! Well, if his many enemies can ever prove that he was NOT born in the US, they will have grounds for impeachment proceedings against President Obama.

That's it for the 10 most popular conspiracy theories to date. There are as many more conspiracies out there as there are people on earth, and as I write this, new conspiracies are forming while new theories are developing. Bellow I have added the 5 runners up in the ever evolving and never ending list of conspiracy theories.

Maybe some day I will write the post, "The Top 100 Conspiracy Theories"?

11. New World Order or NWO

Various New World Order theories exist, sharing the idea that a society of powerful individuals is slowly but surely arranging to dissolve the sovereignty of all existing nations and replace them with a single totalitarian government to rule the entire world. The United Nations often figures in these conspiracy suppositions.

12. The One-Dollar Bill Is Full of Occult Symbols

Yank out your wallet, pull out a single, and gawk at all the symbols you don't understand plastered all over the place (for example, if you look very closely near the front, top right corner, you'll see an owl peeking back out at you). Well, conspiracy theorists have plenty of explanations for you, many of the most popular being that they're occult symbols placed there to hint at the mystical -- and malevolent -- origins of the United States. The pyramid on the back, for example, has 13 steps, and is hovered over by what they say is the Egyptian Eye of Horus, as well as the words "Novus Ordo Seclorum," which conspiracy theorists mistranslate as "New World Order."

13. Marilyn Monroe Was Killed by the Kennedys

The iconic blond bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, died of a drug overdose (listed as "probable suicide") on Aug. 5, 1962, at the age of 36. But ever since author Norman Mailer wrote in 1973 that he suspected a cover-up, theories have swirled that she was killed at the behest of President John Kennedy or his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, both of whom conspiracy theorists have linked her to romantically.

14. The Philadelphia Experiment

An urban legend that would later inspire a feature film, the Philadelphia Experiment is the name of the alleged cloaking of a Navy destroyer in October 1943. The story goes that the experiment was dabbling with the Unified Field Theory and playing with radiation and electromagnetism, allowing the Navy to bend light around a ship and render it basically invisible to human observers. The legend goes on to say that the ship in question didn’t just become invisible but actually disappeared, only to reappear more than 200 miles away before whisking back to its original location. There is, of course, no evidence or research to support this story, merely the claims of people whose identities often went unproven. It’s a fun idea for a movie, but that’s about it.

15. The Jews Run the World

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion first appeared in print in Russia in the early 1900s, positing that Jews planned to achieve world domination. However, Hitler took the theory to a whole other level, blaming Jews for all of mankind's evils.


Though more conspiracies will surely develop as history unfolds new mysteries, secrets and questions for mankind to ponder, for now, check out my Conspiracy Theories Defined Definitions Page, which describes some of these conspiracy theories in more detail. Also, make sure you subscribe to, where I will keep you informed of new conspiracies as they are uncovered and warn you of any new approaching dangers.

Which conspiracies do you believe in? Which do you think are bogus? My readers and I would love to know what you think! Let us know with a comment, bellow.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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