Friday, January 20, 2012

The United States Censorship Conspiracy is all about their Profit, Power and Control

Censorship is not meant  to protect us, but to control and silence us!

No mainstream media, hardly any alternative news sources, hardly even any independent bloggers are covering perhaps the biggest scandal since Watergate. Maybe that is why it's being called "Copygate" by some.

Copygate originally refered to the alleged plagiarism of material in the Wegman Report. If you are not familiar with the Wegman Report, it was a report to the US Congress about the The Great Global Warming Swindle, also known as the Hockeystick Controversy, produced by Dr. Wegman, a renown statistical analyzer. According to evidence, 35 pages of the 96 page Wegman Report were plagiarized.

But this has grown far larger than the original plagiarism issue. Like Watergate, and the less known Climategate, the Copygate corporate file sharing scandal of the the so-called nonprofit group named the Recording Industry Association of America, their association with Viacom/CBS, and it’s support of illegal copyright infraction on file sharing networks with the intent to sue many thousands of American file sharers for profit, as well as pass laws further censoring the Internet.

Why are these organizations fighting for copyright protections when they’re giving out their own stuff to piracy networks for free? It’s not really about copyright infraction, it’s about the control of information on the Internet.

The rich, fat-cat elitists and their big media empires have been losing their very profitable grip on information due to the alternative media, independent bloggers and social media. Until the rise of the Internet, they used to control all information via newspapers, magazines, the radio and television. They own all the major news networks, broadcasting networks and publishing houses.

The problem is, the elitists don't own the Internet, nobody does. It is because they don't own the Internet, they cannot control the information passing through it. Well, so would seem... so they are trying to manipulate the Internet in their favor by passing laws.

The elitist backed lawmakers have tried again and again to gain control of the Internet through legislation. Without due process they ban sites and filter information. How can they do this I ask again? They do not own the Internet!

A former U.S. senator, once head of the MPAA, favors a Chinese style censorship system to the one the U.S. lawmakers are trying to pass.
"...the ones exposing copygate scandal sit there and call anyone who copies a anime, song, movie, or even software a thief or hurting the artists but the real people hurting the artists are not ever the downloaders but the Money masters at the top that rip most of the music artists money. They manipulate society and morals and have created the beliefs that anyone giving access to free information is a terrorist or pirate that needs to be put down. That’s what the Big Media wants us to believe. If you don’t think the real bad guys are the top level executives of the MPAA/RIAA then why are they making record profits while going after file sharers and music artists suffer in the process. This is about legitimizing a war on open disclosure of information in a free society." - Brian D. Hill
Of course there is nothing wrong with non commercial open sharing of information when people support the artists that create that they watch, listen to, or download on a voluntary basis. There will always be those who take advantage of this, but the Internet has proven the system to be profitable for the artists in a big way, while still allowing those who are disadvantaged access to something they would otherwise never know.

Censorship stifles creativity and innovation, in that it prevents possibly gifted and able, yet disadvantaged people people access to the information and tools they need to reach their potential.

Since 1995 various governments around the world have been addressing the problems of material on the Internet that is illegal under their offline laws, as well as what they considered harmful or otherwise unsuitable for minors. Again, who are they to say what is harmful or unsuitable for minors? If someone doesn't like it; they don't have to get on the Internet! Why can't it be, use at your own discretion?

The nature of material of principal concern has varied from political speech, promotion of or incitement to racial hatred, pornographic,scandalous and fraudulent material. Again you don't have to get on the Internet and you don't have to visit these sites if you don't like it!

Since these reasons didn't get the elitists the control they wanted, they've found a new excuse to censor the Internet, copyright violations. Anything to shut us up!

Shut us up, from telling you that while the eyes of the world are on America's Censorship System and the (still important) SOPA and PIPA bills, an even more dangerous NDAA bill, or National Defense Authorization Act, has been passed, which could potentially be in preparation of Martial Law in America.

The thing is, by passing censorship laws and taking control of the Internet, it would be easier still for the powers that be to pass other laws similar or even worse than the NDAA, without us even knowing about them until it is too late.

It’s time for action. Spread the word to your friends and family. Promise not to vote for politicians who support NDAA or any censorship bill. There are protests, rallies and meetups happening all across the United States. There are all kinds of websites, blogs and petitions online dealing with these issues. Better yet, start your own! If you are ready to fight for America, I strongly suggest you read, How to Coordinate a Campaign for Change, which is one of the many free ebooks available at, and join the fight to reverse the NDAA amendment. Tell your family and friends about NDAA. Start a group or coalition or a petition with Call your Senators and write your Congressmen.

Although I am an Independent when it comes to politics, I say vote for Ron Paul for President, considering he is the only candidate who urged his congressional colleagues to support legislation that would repeal a clause of the  NDAA that could allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens, simultaneously criticizing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for his past comments on detainees.

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Remember, freedom cannot protect itself.

Written By: Tom Retterbush

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