Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Chinese Takeover of America

The Chinese takeover is amost complete

One morning in September, 2010 few Americans out there awoke to the realization that the Chinese takeover is now complete.

At this point, the former sovereign nation known as the United States of America has been sold, and our new owners have begun putting their graphiti up everywhere, beginning in our center of government, Washington DC. Reports are widespread that all over the city, on Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenue there are Chinese flags adorning the street lamp posts.

This blatant display should come as no surprise, however, when in  September 2010, the official acknowledgment of the takeover was demonstrated in a very bizarre ceremony in which, to celebrate the birth of their Communist dictatorship, the Chinese came to Washington DC, and on a lawn near the White House, raised a Chinese flag 4 times to the resounding sound of their national anthem. This treacherous treason committed by the Obama administration was not even mentioned on the news.

The comedy of errors to follow started when the flag was first hung upside down. When it was realized that the flag was upside down, it was brought down immediately and put back up, but this time it was tangled in the rope, and had to be brought down again. When it was brought up again, it was stuck beneath the level of the United States flag. The fourth time it was raised, the anthem played again, and this time it stayed. The strange procession of events is too strange to ignore, but what it means, beyond the obvious display of new ownership, is speculation at best.

How it happened

For those Americans who are still blissfully unaware of our new government, let me do a bit of backstory on the subject to fill you in.

The process began slowly, when Bill Clinton assured us that the “American people had won a tremendous victory” with his granting of “most-favored-nation” status to China in 1993. Clinton sought to “unite” the American people and have them speak as “one voice”, about China, and would just have us all disregard the criticisms we all had of China following the 1989 Tienanmen Square massacre and subsequent human rights abuses committed by that country, including the status of the other protesters of Tienanmen Square, like that of Tank Man and others like him who bravely stood up against their government.

The beginning of the end of America began with, what I call the Wal-Martization of America, the influx of cheap (meaning produced by slave labor) plastic and electronic goods into America. Soon after, companies in America came to the realization that cheap labor could be had there and began moving their operations there to be “more competitive” in the new global economy.

The industrial and manufacturing base began trickling away from America, and jobs that fed an American family were being exported overseas by people who would gladly do the job for 18 hours a day without stop for less than a couple dollars a day.

This combined with the fact that the Chinese had already been conditioned to be compliant slaves, and the fact that most of the Chinese had never heard of rights, or realized they possessed some, they never asked for safe working conditions, or decent pay, they were just happy to be working, and not starving. When they weren’t collapsing from fatigue on the factory floor, or throwing themselves out of the highest factory windows, that is. 

The seriously repressed Chinese people represented the perfect group to exploit for massive productivity, and they were made into pawns by the corporate elite.  This, combined with the aforementioned insatiable American appetite for consumption, helped contribute to the destruction of the American way of life, whatever that was. Americans were duped into fueling their own economic destruction with their voracious desires for disposable products, throw-away garbage, trinkets, electronics, and other material possessions that broke or became obsolete before their time.

a typical Chinese assembly workerCheap trinkets; sold down the river

The Chinese people churned out untold numbers of items that were then shipped to America for its citizens to become addicted to and like any drug, at first it was relatively cheap and available to get.

Of course, as with any serious addiction, the need for more becomes insatiable, and eventually huge quantities of the drug, (in this case, cheap credit and readily available cheap Chinese products) are consumed and before long, when the money runs out, the addict wakes up to a mountain of debt, and a lot of personal issues to sort out.

The true high cost of low prices

While many Americans became aware of Wal-Mart’s sinister side, most were sidetracked by seeing only one side of the coin, the side that comes to town to destroy local businesses. This was an important side of the story to point out, however, this was only one edge of the sword. While this edge destroyed local economic growth in the heartland, and ruined the rural communities and small towns of America: the main targets of Wal-Mart.. the other edge was sending billions of dollars that people in these areas spent at Wal-Mart right on back to China. As a result, and directly due to Americas uncontrollable appetite for these cheap products, we bought our own dictatorship.

The desire for material possessions and the need for trinkets and junk as evidenced by the Black Friday madness for the past couple of years has made it clear to any passive observer that American society is clearly going into withdrawal as the costs are now steadily increasing, and we are entering “hyperinflation”.  Finding “the best deal” on the junk we have available to us has become the top priority, instead of wisely investing in solid stores of wealth, like gold and silver.

With this sort of madness happening here, the frenzy for cheaply produced junk and the addiction to low-prices, it didn’t take long for the Chinese Chinese central bank to accumulate massive stores of our currency, and become the largest US debt holder, approaching $1 trillion. Broken down into terms anyone can understand, this means that the average American family with two children collectively owes just over $12,000 dollars to China, and because of China’s ownership of long term U.S. Treasury Securities, the United States pays upwards of $100 million dollars a day to China in interest alone.

A country can do a lot with that sort of economic power. Including, buy up key infrastructure of another country, in an effort to assert ownership over it, much like the concept of a ‘hostile takeover’ in Wall Street parlance.

Let’s not forget that China has been buying key bits of American infrastructure for some time now. Let us also not forget that this country is not beyond the use of physical force, and has threatened to destroy hundreds of American cities if we made a big deal about Taiwan, and we backed down. This should be very indicative of the sort of power this country has over the United States.

The announcement of the takeover

And now, this week, Chinese head of state Hu Jintao made it abundantly clear that China was prepared to call it “game over” for the dollar, and the United States as the dominant world superpower, when he announced that the the dollar was a “product of the past” and indicating that its replacement was on the way, starting with a new global monetary system based on the Chinese yuan. To put this into perspective, the US Dollar has been the ONLY global currency in existence save for Gold and Silver. We are seeing a huge economic and power shift right now.

The 20 year long incremental process of the transfer of control of America is complete. The announcements have been made, their flag has flown in the former center of government in the United States, and now, today, China officially owns America.

What has happened here, and how could it have happened? Words of wisdom from ages ago may shed some light on the issue at hand. The addiction to cheap and cheaply produced goods, and the materialism that inspired, fueled our own downfall. Americans bought the government they wanted.

The American culture of gossip, glitter, glitz, and all the “sins of the flesh” from the American “bling bling” era were death (Romans 8:5-7) to the way of life that could only last for so long before the bill came due. If you are still here in America, you and your children, and your children’s great great great great grandchildren will be paying that bill while the elite skip out.

The best advice for Americans at this point could be to invest their worthless fiat dollars into Gold and Silver.  When, not if, the currency shift from dollar to yuan eventually comes, you’ll be able to trade Gold and Silver straight over for the new currency, and you will get FAR less from your devalued US dollars, likely next to nothing.

The indication to look for will be the crash of the Euro. If that happens, there will be only a matter of weeks to shed your dollars or you will be left holding paper to burn to keep warm.

Written By: Iconoclast

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